First Stop! Hagerty Marine Insurance!

Can’t go on a road trip with a cool new boat without insurance. So we hopped over to traverse city and met up with the hagerty gang! What an amazing place. This is a world class operation and the folks could not be nicer! Next stop… Algonac!

Carla says hi and will see the gang in bay harbor this weekend!

20120621-151403.jpg the entire hagerty marine gang was there. What fun to put faces with names.. I stayed 2 hrs longer just for the fun factor..

20120621-151529.jpg also got a wonderful tour. This place is massive. More of a campus all devoted to insuring cool cars boats and motorcycles! Dang… On to algonac!

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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    Carla, see you there. You do realize it’s up to us to create hoopla at the Bay Harbor show, just to keep up with the Jones’s, er, the Smith’s in Algonac.

    The Matt Smith’s that is.

  2. Carla/Hagerty
    Carla/Hagerty says:

    Thanks Matt for taking the time to stop by our campus. The staff thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and listening to your stories. Have a safe trip to Algonac and watch over Schmaltzie! Give my best to Susie!!

  3. Marcia / Hagerty
    Marcia / Hagerty says:

    Hey, thanks for stopping in, Matt–you are the best kind of diversion! Safe travels and see you next year!!

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    Traverse City???

    You do realize you came within 135.82 miles of Hessel do you (according to Mapquest)?

    Of course you do.

    You dissin’ me?


    • Texx
      Texx says:

      At the recent Bored of Directors meeting in Arrowhead, Matt assigned me to northern Michigan and everything west of the Mississippi, including all of Canada, Sweden and Mexico.

      He wants me to focus on our Quirky Reporter running the Hessel Bureau office…

  5. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Hey Matt,

    Next time you buy a boat, you can save a little gas and not tow it all the way to Hagerty. They can get you insured with just a phone call. From anywhere! It really is amazing technology!

  6. Chris / Hagerty
    Chris / Hagerty says:

    Well, we have learned from paul harrisons travels that is is best to actually personally inspect the boat and trailer on these massive road trips…..Gee the Great Race starts in Traverse City tiomorrow, but Matt even has them beat for miles covered….!! he got a steal on this one…

  7. Cobourg-Kid
    Cobourg-Kid says:

    Hey Matt nice lookin B whaler… even if it is glasstastic ! Was surprised to learn Hagerty has its head office in TC . They need a bigger sign . Spent a week last summer in beautiful T City and never noticed their office ( obvious good taste in selecting such a wonderful location!).BTW while in TC I hope you had time for lunch at Mackinaw Brewing Company …. best Cherry beer EVER … and as a Canadian I am picky about that.!

      • Texx
        Texx says:

        If you buy a 1,000.00 worth of his beer you get one of his Designer sport jackets for free…

        • m-fine
          m-fine says:

          Too bad about 95% of American readers probably have no idea what we are talking about! OTOH, while I am quite familiar with Grapes’ fashion sense I am not so sure I know what we are talking about either, I just know it somehow involves Cherry and beer. Hmmmmm

  8. Cobourg-kid
    Cobourg-kid says:

    Not sure what beer “Grapes” drinks but I do know that northern Michigan has the best Cherry Lager….

  9. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Speaking of Don Cherry and designer sports jackets here’s a Vancouver treasure, Nardwuar, who is got to be the Einstein of pop culture and a ‘ockey fan, interview Don. Both of these guys have a depth of knowledge about the game and I’m not sure who is more “bizarre”? Its funny if u pick up all the banter.

  10. Larry Forget
    Larry Forget says:

    YES, Met CARLA about 1 1/2 YRS AGO AT mT DORA, march , fLA.. nice professional lady..
    Did you buy a clasic Boston Whaler , you were looking for a few weeks ago..??

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