Following Jim Staib – It’s A Thing Now!

Jim Staib, Photo Troy!

We are not even at Lake Dora yet, and the new Woody Boater app is already bringing us new entertainment that would not even been possible last year. Following people and there little red flag on the explore map. Who knew this would be a thing? But it is. For those of you that are wondering what in the heck we are talking about. Here it is.

Touch the red star and a profile will appear. You can then chat with that person

First meet Jim Staib, a looooooong time Woody Boater, in fact a woody boater before there was even a Woody Boater and one of the first on the site. Jim owns a company called Fine Wood Boats. He is without doubt the Goto guy for parts and rare stuff. And he is a fantastic guy and huge help.

When you are on your profile there is a little gear at the upper right, click that. This will appear.

Jim has been wrestling with his Android and was a huge help on the Beta site. Turns out Jim had not set his settings in his profile area so we can see him on the map.

Jim in Florida

Well, Jim has now, and yesterday it became a bit of a sport to follow him going south, and now in Florida on the St Johns  River Cruise.

Now, today and this week……if he gets his boat started, we can follow his little red flag going up the St Johns. Ya, you wont get a sun tan watching Jims trip. But you can imagine it. The most important part though is when Jim hits Tavares, because he brings some major cool stuff at the Flea Market, and its Parts parts and more parts.

Some of Jims goodies

On Wednesday Morning we are packing up and heading south, you can follow us on 95 and will be setting up shop in Florida Thursady AM -ish. If you have the APP you will be able to see when we are there and find us. Following Jim, is like its already started! Woohoooo!

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  1. Troy in FL
    Troy in FL says:

    Still getting this!

    It worked fine at home. Same thing happened in TX.

    If I turn my phone sideways I get this.

    • Troy in FL
      Troy in FL says:

      Cell phone and hot spot are working fine.

      I think there is a conspiracy to keep me off this site while at the beach. Who knows what I might post?

      (images may be subject to copyrights)

  2. Rick (or maybe not)
    Rick (or maybe not) says:

    Matt’s proximity in VA to the CIA/FBI headquarters and the ability to track my every move for some reason is bothering me. Hmmmm.

  3. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Crap, now my wife can track my every move in the flea market. And we can track Jim when he heads to the Cafe Risque and maybe he can do some streaming video when he gets there. I’ll send you $10 via Paypal Jim for a table dance. NO, not if you’ll do a table dance, one of the girls.

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