Going To Port Huron From Hessel By Boat. A Chris-Craft Tradition – Plus They Are Are Cruisin Around

Plowing to Port Huron in a 25 Sportsman!

To add to the misery of all this Florence crap. I can’t just sit back and pretend all my pals are having fun. I have to see all the photos and talk about what a great time everyone else is having. This is like some sort of torture.  Everyone is boating around, laughing and one WoodyBoater gang all decided to go to Port Huron by boat from Hessel. Yes that Hessel. 180 Miles.


Now this trip, was a trip done back in the day when the factory would deliver boats to Hessel. They would include a large 50 gallon tank of fuel is the story I heard. Dang. I suppose it was easier than rail, or a truck which may or may not have been possible. But it sure is today. Mike Mayer, Chad Durren, NR AKA No Relation Mike Watson And Alex Watson who is not Mikes Brother…in one of Alex Watson’s 25 Sportsman.

Summer fun!

Multi tasking

where are we?

This morning at 7 AM

A 25 Sportsman is big, but sometimes not big enough

This morning at 8:20 AM

At 120 miles they just gave up last night because the wind was picking up. Oddly while Florance seems to be heading more south today. We are still slated for big wind and surges though. What a week

Now THAT is big enough. Black Beauty in the Blue of it all

While that is going on..and on.. The cruisers all came into Port Huron. AHHHHHHH! Look at the BLUEness of it all. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I could just do the rest of this story in AHHHHHHHHHHH, cause does it really matter what I say when you see stuff like this..


I want to cry

And all I see it THIS! Really? REALLY? The dam hurricane is literally now going to go around us.

Now this may look like we are gonna miss it, but, all that rain drains someplace. And we will get the side of it coming AND going. But it is a little like a car skidding right around you. UGH. AHHHHHHHHHHH

Meanwhile back in fun land, true Michigan fun is going on

The entire community is involved!

Oh man! Love it

Blue, blue and blue

With a touch of green

Cruiser magic


Cruising around

Zip zip!

The pure warmth of Michigan

Amazing volunteers, this Chapter is pure Michigan!!


A huge thanks to Karen Harrison, Shannon, Gale, Mike, Mike, Alex, Chad for all the photos and torture. AHHHHHHHHHHHH


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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Wow, I want to buy Alex and his crew a beer when they get here. I hope the ACBS is giving a big gonads award! Life goes on at Boat the Blue. Docking 200 boats over the next two days will keep us busy.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Nice, nice, nice! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Isn’t NR (No Relation, Mike Watson, AKA Scott Hamilton) with those guys also?

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Not one sane individual onboard that Sportsman from Hessel which is why it was probably a blast!

    Getting ready to depart soon. Just need to take the dog for a walk, pack up the car, swing by Costco for some diesel and go.

  4. NehmerKid
    NehmerKid says:

    Make sure you check out the Detroit River sub chaser with the government numbers …. I don’t think it found any during the War.

  5. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    I wouldn’t think there’s a cooler big enough for those 4 (5?) heading south from Hessel. Where’s the monkey? he must be taking the pictures. Guess I’ll go back to repairing my mother’s roof…will the fun never end.

  6. Mark in da U.P.
    Mark in da U.P. says:

    I think the Hessel crew should get the WB biggest kahonas award. No one but a bunch of youpers would try that, and have a good time doing it. Here’s to you guys!

  7. Carla
    Carla says:

    Hoping the motley crew from Hessel has arrived safely. The pics of the various cruisers are absolutely incredible. The Wednesday event was one I had my heart set on. Living vicariously through all of you works for me this year! There’s always NY in 2019!

  8. M&M
    M&M says:

    Wow. What a great trip. 180 miles, out of view from land. Makes my adventure next weekend going from Gravois arm to the Osage, down stream to Tan-Tara resort for wife’s conference a short boat ride. Watch out for those darn pirates.

  9. Fred Rappley
    Fred Rappley says:

    I love looking at these pics! My Dad brought our 30′ Chris Craft cruiser from Saginaw Bay to Chicago when he was transferred from Detroit. I grew up on the water and saw countless boats like these on our many trips from Chicago to the Michigan coast. I love this site even though I’m a wooden ragbagger. Thanks for the smiles.

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