Happy Columbus Day, Christopher.

Today we celebrate one of the true Woody Boaters of all time. Here is a painting of Christopher Columbus being grateful the boat didn’t break down on the voyage. Little known fact. As he arrived off the coast his transmission gave out and needed a tow in. The Indians were at a canoe show and well, Chris Showed up with his crew. But hadnt become members of the Antique Canoe Society. Yes, the precursor to the ACBS. Which of course is soon to be replaced by the ACPS which we all know is coming. Okay, at which point did you stop reading this? Really? You still are. Its a vacation day for gods sake. Get out there! It’s gonna be a long winter of bad insane jokes and sausage days.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Did they all have lifejackets on during their trip because there must have been very little freeboard with that many people.

    • Reddog
      Reddog says:

      It’s amazing that Columbus, his crew, and other passengers (approx. 120 people) all fit on that ship that is only about 90 ft long. And for about 2 months sailing voyage. Across some treacherous seas. But thanks to them I had the day off, and I went boat related parts shopping.

  2. tparsons56
    tparsons56 says:

    Columbus Day tends to be a much bigger deal on the coast then it does here in the Great Lakes Region. Most of us are at work or school with the only people off being the government and banks. It doesn’t really matter anyway as most of the boats are already in storage.

    What we need here is a “Samuel De Champlain” Day! Preferably in July or August. A Festivus for the Rest of Us!

      • briant
        briant says:

        With all due respect, No, I said and meant West Coast. We have clear thinking Liberals and Conservatives, and we have insane boobs in la la land on both the right and left. What we do not have is a populace that remembers what they learned in kindergarten – share, respect everyone, compromise, play nice. Comments that would make Mr Rogers raise his eyebrow will not help to eliminate or lessen the polarization of this great nation.

        My above comment was lifted from the notice from my bank – they were informing their customers that they would be closed in observance of Indigenous People’s Day today. A bank. Folks that tend to be extremely conservative….

        • don vogt
          don vogt says:

          the official us govt proclamation notes the day, among other things, is to honor the 15 million americans of italian descent. I am sure they appreciate the respect noted in the proclamation.

      • briant
        briant says:

        Ha! That was a darn good one.

        (I would have used fun profanity instead of ‘darn’ but Matt runs a nice website where we are all sailors but we cannot really talk like the stereotypical foul mouthed boating types here.)

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    I’m going to stir things up. Actually Saturday was officially Columbus Day. But we live in a a world that believes he discovered America on the second Monday in October. This is also the world that believes Washington and Lincoln were both born on the second Monday in February. I hope everyone saw my post on Saturday. Thanks Troy for the reply. Christopher Columbus May or May not have gone to a boat show, but his namesake Christopher Columbus Smith sure did. And he created a lot more boatshows. Enough of my rambling, enjoy the day⛵️

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