Hot Dog! It’s The Weekend. Get Out There Early And Late.

Did someone say BOAT RIDE?

Gotta say, every time I open the door to go out side here in Virginia I gasp. YEEEIKES! In fact it’s hotter here than it is in New Orleans. And sadly the food is not as good! So all you can do about it is go early and late boating. But no way am I getting away with a sunrise or sunset cruise without some yapp’n from the pooches.


AND YES! For all you nut job dog lovers out there who feel the need to scold anyone on the care of dogs as if you are there protectors. We have water always on board, they swim… alot, always in the shade. We do not apply sun screen since they would lick it off, we only take them out early and late.

Oreo as a pup!

As a header!

So today with all this miserable heat we celebrate DOG DAYS!

I love this photo of Woody Gal and pal

Lots of pooches

On a cooler day.

Enjoying the Lake

Out on a warm day

Thats one way to beat the heat



I know that look. Someone is gonna get wet.. SOON

Classic Pooch – Very cool top BTW

A golden glowing Retriever

Scarlet loves LOVES a boat ride

Gone swimming

No dog? Bring the kids! Salter enjoying one of his first boat rides!

Bring out your pooches today! This may be the only boating you do!

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  1. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    A major storm blew through Balsam Lake last night and the temperature dropped 25 degrees, so no dog days today. Unfortunately, lots of boats, cabins, and docks destroyed. But I think they’re all of the pontoon or wake boat variety. All of the woodies, except two, are in boat houses.

  2. John Reihansperger
    John Reihansperger says:

    Matt– I’ve never emailed you before. I have an unusual request. I’d appreciate it if you kept it just between us. I live in the Pacific Northwest. I am restoring a ’50 Riviera. It’s almost done. We live in a beautiful place for boating, but the season only lasts for 3-4 months. We talk about moving, but don’t know where to go. So, since you seem to be well versed on the woodyboater world, where are the best places in the US to live with a wooden boat…. or any boat for that matter. Tahoe comes to mind, but real estate is out of bounds for us. There seems to be a compromise for just about anywhere USA. Texas would be too hot and muggy. Fla.– same. Looks like Va. is nice, but realistically, we wouldn’t move to the east coast. I guess what I am asking is, where are the best places to live with a wooden boat?
    If you want to use my question as a general topic, that’s okay.
    Please keep my name out of it.

  3. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Florida is not all that hot an muggy when you get used to it…Try looking at the lakes in central Florida…Besides…if you have kids, Disney & Legoland won’t be far away.

  4. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Eric, your pic is upside down….guess the heat is getting to us all!
    It is so damn hot I am thinking of not Going Boating today….

    John in Va.

  5. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    It’s been HOT here in Michigan for the past two weeks, TOO HOT to enjoy boating.
    But after dealing with selling Ronnie’s mom’s home in this heat, I broke down and went for a nice evening cruise with my Son Don in our Whaler. Muggy, but nice when on the go.
    Ronnie and I will finally get to check off another “Bucket List” trip next week when we join the Michigan Chapter group to cruise the Muskoka lakes!
    A big thanks in advance to Greg and MaryAnn Lewandowski for having us join them on their boat on this trip.

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