I Have Some Things To Get Off My Chest.

Mr B ripping up the beaches of stunning Bay St Louis,

Well, we are still picking away at little tidbits of digital scraps that appear, then disappear and then. AHHHHH! I mean you fix something and then another thing does whatever thing it does which overrides that other thing. Which is a 7.2 version of the thing and now you need a 7.9 version of the thing. WHAT THE THING!  I suppose its ONE thing to build something new, but doing this from new and then bring in the old is insane. So today since I keep thinking the story is going to be blown up, you get pictures of Mr B and the beach

YA! I am on my leash, so?

He is nuts!

Happy Nuts.. with no nuts. Dont tell him though

Walking himself. Thats Tootie, his new cousin. She was in a home for unwed mothers. Now living the beach life.

Tootie wondering What in the hell is this place


She is slowly coming out of her shell.