Introduce your kids to Classic Boating.

We live in an area that has many shallow patches. It’s why pirates loved the area. They could dart in and out of the coast line safely. It’s also why there are so many darn Jet Ski’s in the area. Jet Ski’s going 30 knots with 10 year olds driving them. For my two sons, I just could not go there, for the price of one jet ski, we bought two nice matching Classic boats. They love them. They hate cleaning them. And mixing the gas. But I can tell, they love being in them. And they do help in the varnishing and repair. It’s a great way to teach them something of value, and they can go 30 Knots and no one seems to complain. Don’t give in to a jet ski. Show up with a nice 12 ft speed boat, something tells me they won’t mind.