Introducing “Swell Time” The New Term Used For The Start Of The Classic Boat Season

Scarlet back in the Pre New Bottom days.

Yesterday we had a fun day naming the opposite of Last Gasp Week, which so well captures the essence of one last breath of boating late in the fall. And now we have a new term. SWELL TIME! Thanks to Dick Dow for the name. He wins a pack of frozen Wieners.

Ya! Hey, sorry, Dick, this was an unfortunate coincidence. But for the rest of us we are giggling like 10 year old boys.

This is me in “Just Swell” My first Woody Boat around 2003. And the very first time I had driven it, and one at all.

Awesome little boat.

A cool soaker tank at the older Antique Boat Center location.

Pre Swell! Did you know a 19ft boat can gain about 700lbs of water after swelling.


Might be a good time to get a new 6 Volt bilge pump from Jim Staib.

This is Wanetta II around 2005. This was Sylvia Pre Restoration. She stayed afloat with two 6 volt bilge pumps.

Not a drop of swelling time needed AFTER

Its that time of year when anything can happen. Because it SWELL TIME!




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  1. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Apalachicola Antique and Classic Boat show is today. Weather, as contrasted to yesterday, looks great for today. Will anybody else be there ?

  2. Don Palmer
    Don Palmer says:

    I always knew him as “Mr Red and White” as pictured.
    You really took the grand prize this time Dick.
    Hot Dog!
    Oh bye the way… when Dick was in junior high, he had a band and they named themselves after the school mascot which was a Trojan. So…. The band’s name was Dick and the Trojans…
    They didn’t know at the time what that referred to.

  3. Briant
    Briant says:

    Just swell. I didn’t win. Oh well, that actually is a great term. I am happy that our boat does not need to swell up in order to float, plus, it is nice to know that we won’t be lugging about an extra 700 lbs of water.

    It would be interesting to have a story about a boat that had to swell up, and then after a restore and thus not needing to swell anymore….and assuming the engine stayed the same, it would be interesting to find out the performance of said boat before and after. In other words, how much faster and better handling is that boat without the extra water weight gain.

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