It's 30 Days til Mt.Dora. It's 30 Degrees Outside. And It's Muskrat For Dinner Tonight!

The top photo says it all. For some of you, 30 degrees may be warm. But for us with thinner skin it’s way to cold. Even all bundled up. Stuff just does not dry fast enough. Add to that a flu bug that is ripping through us and things can slow down a bit. It also did not help that the bulk of the crew tried Muskrat for dinner for the first time on Friday. Dear god. Well it’s always something, and yes, it is like living in a Marx Brothers movie. Apparently Muskrat is “kinda gamy”. Ha! The word musk may be a big clue there…and I won’t even bring up the rat part. I mean musk and rat. What do you think it’s going to taste like? Ok, back to the story. The good news is that we are at the final coat of varnish. Trying to put in seam caulk on the deck, graphics, real silver leaf. We are also starting to put together the dash and trying to figure out the wiring, oh god. That’s a can of worms. So, things are moving along slowly, but they are still moving, and it’s still a ton of fun, with some fun folks.

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    You have got to be kidding! Musk rat??? Are you sure it wasn’t crow? Or is it us that’s being fed crow? Did you have some “white lightning” to go with it? It may take a few snorts of that before I could be talked into trying that.

    I like the new font that Wino used for Sylvia. That looks great.

  2. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    Ha. I aint kidding. Muskrat! It’s a never ending belly laugh. They looked forward to it for weeks. I don’t think it will happen again. These are the same folks that are cooking sting rays as well durring the summer. I am very careful around them with my pet dogs by the way. Ha. The new font is a hybrid of Bello. A font made from hand lettering. We thinned it out and are going to outline on the inside. With varnish on it, it will be just right. I hope. It was a dismal weekend weather wise. but I can not complain. It’s been an amazing winter weather wise so far.

  3. Bill
    Bill says:

    Being from Iowa, the old Plainsman in us will draw us to eat most anything once. I have never, ever…not even on a bad day heard of anyone eating Muskrat!

    Those big rats must contain more Tryptophan than Turkey the way Krunch is sleeping like a baby.

    Catfish? Yes. Squirrel. Yes, but a long time ago when my Grandpa made me try it. Muskrat? Um…no way.

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