It’s Bring Your Own Hemp Fenders Party!

The big party.. Again is at woody boater HQ .. Only this time Paul bought some hemp fenders at the big auction at the dinner for the acbs sunnyland show tonight..

A picture of the big dinner

Tommy and Stacy dressed for the event.. Now off to woody boater hq for the hemp fender party.



Even an admiral from the Texas navy is here!

And Mr. Woody Boater! HA

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  1. Fender
    Fender says:

    …. that licence plate?   … someone stole gas out of the vehicle that it was attached to last night in the Dora boat ramp parking lot…..  There is is reward for any information…

  2. Fender
    Fender says:

    Jim,   Big Paul coughed up around $200 ??   …. as you can see in the the photos…..   very nice………

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