It’s Gonna Be 80 This Weekend! Are You Ready!

Last year, same time it was a tad chilly!

Well, it’s about time. Here in Virginia it’s gonna be around 80 on Saturday. That usually means in the Northeast its around 70 and not sure of Michigan. Are you ready? I am not. But that’s why we own many boats. While one is being worked on, another is ready. And Sweet Pea the Trawler is already ready and been on a couple chilly cruises.

The paint aint ready, but she is!

The good news is no one is getting wind burn on her. We may take Stinky out and drop the Boatress Center console in. WECATCHEM is about a week away from her 2018 run! Are you? Is there still a chance of a freak winter recap in a couple weeks? is it worth the risk?

Lil Stinky is ready as well. I will fill up the bathtub!

April 2017 in New Jersey it was warm enough for Allen to wear a t Shirt

WECATCHEM is getting ready

The Lake Hartwell Show is coming up fast. April 19! Phil Jones and Purple Haze pictured here bringing some Virginia smiles!

Do you have your insurance policy up to date? Sunscreen?

Ready to launch?

Things to think about.


2. New life jackets

3. Lines all attached?

4. Paddle?

5. Battery Charged?

6. New Grease in Water Pump cap?

7. Trailer tires full?

8. Waxed Chrome?

9. Oil changed and ready

10 Head Torqued?

11. New Spark plugs

12. Transmission all working?

13. The boat wont swell fast in cold water, so take your time.

14. Water shut off open?

15. Tools? They get used on “other ” projects over the winter.

16. Make sure all your wiring is sound. Mice like to chew on that stuff.

17. Insurance up to date. Cant mention that enough.

18. Boat lift working? Not a good time to find out when the boat is in the water soaking up.

19. Fuel leaks. Double double check. Stuff moves around

20. First run is with a trusted pal. Things get wonky. So protect the relationship between your boat and spouse. Trust is earned and easily lost with one break down.

Got any to add?



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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Not so in Michigan. An inch of snow last night and high 40’s with rain this weekend. Does not look much better for the following weekend. Yuck!!! The boats are ready to go but Mother Nature is not!

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    We just got our 120th inch of snow, which is a full 10 feet too much. Forecast is calling for 40 and rain for Weetern NY on Saturday. Hmmm, I think I will go to Virginia this weekend to remember what summer is like.

    Add fire extinguisher too the list. If you take them out for safe storage or replacement, be sure to put them back. The initial run is the highest risk for problems including fuel leaks and fires.

  3. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    That’s a good check list, but I’d move DRAIN PLUGS IN down to number 2 and make number 1 the all important BAG-O MONEY!

    If you don’t have number 1 skip number 2.

  4. RH in Indy
    RH in Indy says:

    We’re on a temperature rollercoaster in Indy. Next two weekends are rain. But I think the sooner I get Water Log out of storage, the better I’ll feel.

  5. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    It’s always 80 someplace – just not here in Wisconsin. Might hit 60 by Friday though – before it plunges again next week.

  6. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Matt: You sure are the OPTIMIST!

    I look up Reedville VA on weather dot com and 74 for Saturday and 64 for Sunday. Just a tad short of 80. I think your math is getting about as good as your spelling.

    Yup up here in the ANE we peak out in the mid 50’s on Friday (gotta work Friday). High of 39 on Sunday with an overnight low of 28 Saturday night. Nope not going to try to swell wood in that weather, well maybe in the hot tub.

    • Jim Staib
      Jim Staib says:

      SS Here! Probably should add SNOW SHOVEL to the list. Could also be used as a paddle. Or to clean the ramp if you need to pull your boat out. And a cooler for thirst is a dangerous thing.

      • Randy
        Randy says:

        I can’t read the high temp for Friday, but there is your 80+ degrees — Sun. 44 + Mon. 43 = 87 degrees!

  7. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.) says:

    Its supposed to be in the 70s here in southern Ohio. I will believe it when I see it. As for the U.P. in Michigan high of 30s. Enjoy your boating Matt, like I said the other day this the only boating they are doing in the U.P. right now

  8. Rich Marschner
    Rich Marschner says:

    96 in Tucson today and again tomorrow…13 degrees above normal! Too hot for boating, but hey, there’s no water here!

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