It’s Sausage Day, Made Up From The Scraps Of The Lake Dora Show.

Owen Turner is negotiating one heck of a hat deal!

Well, it was a week ago we arrived in Taveres and were ready for some t shirt sell’n and water fun’n. Wow. Time goes by fast…until its around October and then it just stops. but as we always do, we have at least one day of fun unconnected photos that tell the true fun of the event.

Oh… Jack, really? Photo Brian Keen

Nothing really makes sense as a story, other than a fun way to see the smaller details of a fun event. So without further adoooo, doooo…


What in the heck is wrong?


Woohooo! photo Shannon Knight

Tow me in!

Say hi to Walter AKA “MO Whaler” who came all the way from Missouri

Is she amused or pissed? I can never tell. Its a fine line.

Boat house perfection at the Harrisons

Toilet anyone?

NOS carb anyone? Jim Staib’s got one.

And a aqua sled thing


Hagerty always is here and there and everywhere.

At the tent! Is your insurance up to date? Now is the time!

Speaking of Sexy people…Mr Holmes working on a Chris Craft?

One very cool Century Interior

Child labor is the best!

Dad promised me a boat ride, and all I got was a cleaning rag!

Talking on the phone!

A little nod to Mr P Sr! We all miss you!

Birds of Docks

Birds of Pride

Birds of man

Love the solid wheel trailer thing

Its a thing now!

Yes! John Into model perfection.

Troy went to a bar, and…

Woody hats are a fixture at the show and also at the Chesapeake Bay Show. Or here online

The Morning before the show. Mr Lonely!

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    • Jim Staib
      Jim Staib says:

      Here is Plaidtastic. EZ on the eyes this way. Starting to get the new Penn Yan set up. If someone needs that vintage toilet it came home.

  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    A couple of things. First it seems like a lot of gauges for that toilet, Dad promised to take that little girl on the boat not that it would be in the water or for a ride and lastly…..if the Boatress is going to drink a glass of wine that huge then keep her IN the boat or put a life jacket on her please.

  2. Dan Ward
    Dan Ward says:

    Do most people tow their boats with the cover on or off? I heard if the cover is on while towing that it can cause dammage to the finish on the boat?

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      This is an ongoing debate and depends on the material of the cover. We have a flanel lined inner cover. But to be honest if the weather is good, I leave the cover off. But then there is the possibility of road damage.

      • Scott Ales
        Scott Ales says:

        While towing our Riva Super Aquarama, a new trailer tire exploded and damaged the cloth cover. Instead of the amazing glass like finish that Sandro and the guys at RivaWorld applied!

  3. Troy in FL
    Troy in FL says:

    Yes I went to the bar!

    If you get over to Nokomis make sure you visit these fine ladies in the Tiki Hut. They are a little heavy handed also.

    Matt: The real story at Dora this year was the seaplane that flipped and was upside down between Wooton Park and the Harrison’s house. Did you not get any pictures of that?

    • Ronald
      Ronald says:

      Troy, Saturday the Jones Brothers Flying service had a table out in front of their cool old Florida house/office there and the lady in charge pointed out it had been dragged to the area in front of the Key West Motel, She says the pilot that had the plane out that day did not even own it and had it out when there was wind warnings out for small planes and it flipped over from a gust of wind. A few people tried to overturn it at its present site by lifting up the tail and as it came up somewhat the tail just folded up. She also said neither the owner nor the pilot that day could afford full coverage insurance so they only have liability. Where we are from the epa/tva would have made them remove it the same day because of the fluids leaking out. There were boats around it most everytime we passed by it sometimes police boats. I have flown with them a couple of times, makes me wonder if they have enough insurance. By the way we had a great time and really enjoyed the beach music band and the food Friday and Saturday night.

  4. Matt
    Matt says:

    We kept talking about it, but it kept being under and then all of a sudden was up. I know a part broke off. I think the YNOT gang has some photos.

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