It’s Two, Two Reports From Ohio In One Story. Double the Pleasure, Double The Fun! 48 Photos! Yikes!



Well, it happened, we got two great reports in from the Mid America Boat Show! So what to do? Well, Certs did it, so can we. It might get a tad confusing. One is from The Lyman Boat owners Gang and the other from the YNOT gang. So, lets see how we might pull this off. OK, the first report is from the YNOT guys told through beautiful photos. Then we will do the LBOA report which covers well, what you are seeing. Maybe open the stories up on two side by side computers and do a stereo thing? Take it away YNOT and Ryan!


Pudge, a 12′ 1951 Switzercraft owned by Bill Mack, (wood boat on the really cool yellow trailer). It sits on its original and very unique sling Holsclaw trailer. – photo YNOT


1966 SeaRay SRV 180, owned by Bill Ripcho, this SeaRay is 100% original, down to the cushions, carpeting and wooden ski’s and has only had two owners since new. – Photo YNOT


Flawless dash – Photo YNOT


Perfection Sea Ray style – Photo YNOT

1964 17′ Chris-Craft Super Sport owned by Les & Marilyn Demaline, Buster, was found in a barn at Portage Lakes – photo YNOT
1947 18′ Harwood Sedan, Sea Gar Go, owned by Les & Marilyn Demaline, this boat was used on Lake Chaplain at a local camp and unfortunately sunk and remained submerged for many years until a local marina raised the boat and offered it for sale.  Les restored the boat and launched it in 2015.-photo YNOT
1961 21′ Chris-Craft Continental, Wippersnapper, powered by a 430 Lincoln, the Demaline’s restored the boat in 1992 and have many, many hours and miles of use. -photo YNOT
1967 Donzi 19 Hornet, BB – photo YNOT
2014 20′, YNOT Yachts Custom build, Withagrin, owned by Bob McClain, powered by an EcoTech Marine 2.2L 4 cylinder – photo YNOT
1966 14′ MFG Niagara (Blue fiberglass), 100% original – photo YNOT
1946 13′ Lyman Ideal, owned by Todd Mizzen, powered by a K model 1938 9.8HP Johnson -photo YNOT
1953 13′ Lyman Leader, owned by Ryan and Jessica Nagle, power is a 1956 Evinrude 7.5hp Fleetwin (white hull, teal trailer) -photo YNOT

Putty Cat Barn find –  Photo YNOT


Photo YNOT


Photo YNOT

The Lyman in the shipping crate, it is in the original shipping crate and has never been removed from the shipping crate.

And some more from the show from YNOT


Chris Craft Photo YNOT


BB and some nice wood – Photo YNOT


Nice showing – Photo YNOT


big and small all had there place at the show – Photo YNOT


Nice selection – Photo YNOT



Outboards – Photo YNOT


Details- Photo YNOT


Wood and Glass can live together – Photo YNOT


Nice interior – Photo YNOT


Lyman magic Photo YNOT




Photo LBOA

In all its been a great show and 10 or so new members signed up to the North Coast Ohio ACBS.

2017 Mid America Boat Show Woody’s    
Ryan Nagel, LBOA Commodore           
The Mid America Boat Show is always a highlight of winter in Northern Ohio.  It is one of the largest indoor boat shows in the country held at the International Exposition Center (IX Center) in Cleveland, OH.  This year the Antique Classic Boat Society North Coast Ohio Chapter (ACBS NCO), Lyman Boat Owners Association (LBOA), Sandusky Maritime Museum and Antique Outboard Motor Club Lake Erie Chapter (AOMCI) partnered together to create the largest showing of classic boats and motors the show has ever seen.


A rare and very cool 1957 Sandusky cold-molded runabout in the foreground. In the 1950’s, Lyman, Sandusky Boat Co and Inland Seas all produced beautiful boats ranging from small wood runabouts to large steel cruisers in Sandusky, OH- Photo LBOA

With 22 boats, the showing was so large that it had to be split into two large display areas.  Boats ranged in size from a 12’ 1951 Switzer Craft to a 28’ Lyman Sportsman.  Each organization signed up several new members, sold merchandise and swapped stories and information with visitors.  Show goers from all over the Midwest come in for the weekend just to check out these classics.  The display is always a huge hit and it seems that everyone who stops by has some kind of family connection to the boats, especially the Lymans which were built in nearby in Sandusky, OH.


1962 24’ original “barn find” Lyman – Photo LBOA


Ryan Nagel’s recently acquired 1962 24’ “barn find” Lyman. Stored in a barn in Harrison Twp, MI for the last 25 years and is complete with original paint/varnish and two decades of dust and stink – Photo LBOA


Kevin McGee’s 1967 26’ Lyman Hardtop Cruisette – Photo LBOA


Lyman diehards in attendance! – PHOTO LBOA

The collection on display always features a diverse rotating collection of boats from ACBS and LBOA Members.  This year some of the highlights and oddities included a 1967 Donzi 19 Hornet, a 1955 15’ Lyman runabout “boat in a box” still in its original factory shipping crate, a stunning 1966/2010 28’ Lyman Open Sportsman and an all-original, dusty/stinky 1962 24’ Lyman barn find.
Another highlight of the weekend is the LBOA Commodore’s Winter Party, held each year during the boat show at the Copper Cup; a Lyman-themed bar owned by LBOA member Rodney Johnson.


LBOA Members and guests at the annual Commodore’s Winter Party – PHOTO LBOA

Dozens of members from all over the Midwest come in for the weekend to attend the boat show and party.  This year’s party was the best attended in recent memory with over 75 members and guests making the trip.  A lot of old friends and new members mingled to the early morning hours.


LBOA Golden Hose Clamp Award Winner John Leitner (left) receiving his award from LBOA Commodore Ryan Nagel (right) – PHOTO LBOA

During the evening the LBOA also presents its most notorious award, The Golden Hose Clamp Award.  This award was created in 2010 and is typically given to the member who has the most public breakdown or mechanical issue during the year but manages to fix it and save the day.  The 2016 Golden Hose Clamp Award Winner was John Leitner who experienced distributor cap issues while entering the Huron River for the 17th Annual All Classics Festival in Huron, OH.  Keep in mind that John and a group of Lyman owners had just completed a 1,000 mile trip on their boats around the Great Lakes only to experience mechanical issues during his short trip from Sandusky to Huron.  John was on the hook in the Huron River dead in the water and was towed into the show by Ray Lamarca’s 25’ where he was able to fix the issue and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


John Leitner being towed in to the All Classics Festival by Ray Lamarca – Photo LBOA

If you missed this year’s show, the same collection will reconvene for the Summit Racing IX Piston Power Auto-Rama, March 17th-19th, 2017 at the IX Center in Cleveland. This show features almost 2.5 million square feet of cars, motorcycles, planes, military vehicles and boats.  If a piston makes it go, it’s in the show!


Dale Phillips’ 1956 18’ Lyman Runabout, 100hp Gray Marine – Photo LBOA


2010 28’ Lyman Sportsman owned by Larry Bettcher, built by Jeremy Goldstein from a 1966 28’ Lyman Flybridge pattern boat – PHOTO LBOA


Roger Loosli’s 1972 26’ Lyman Cruisette Soft Top – PHOTO LBOA


ACBS display of boats featuring Donzi, Chris Craft, Gar Wood, Switzer Craft, Lyman and others – PHOTO LBOA


Sandusky Maritime Museum’s 1956 18’ Lyman Runabout – PHOTO LBOA


Big thanks to all the ACBS, LBOA, AOMCI, and Sandusky Maritime Museum volunteers for all their time and hard work organizing and working the show.


OK, Phew! Three organizations working together and two stories all jammed packed into one day. Hope you got a large mug of Joe this morning. But what is cool, is you definitely get the vibe of the show and how cool it was to be there! Thanks to all that made this happen.


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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    It’s too much! I can’t handle this much classic goodness in the morning…brain going into overload.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    What a great cross section of boats! It was fun to see it through two different sets of photos.

    The Piston Power Auto-Rama sounds like a wonderful event.

  3. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Congrats to all involved for what looks like a great display of boats at the Cleveland show. It’s not surprising that you signed up a slew of new members.

    For anyone that will be in the mitten state next month, our Michigan chapter will have a display at the annual Detroit Boat Show in Cobo Hall from Feb 11 – 19th. The theme is “Boating Across the Ages”. We are presenting a boat from each decade 1920 – 1970. The MBIA will augment the display with additional boating memorabilia from each decade.

    We will also have a Michigan chapter display at the Cottage and Lakefront Living Show in Novi on Feb. 23 – 26.

  4. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.) says:

    Great coverage ! Having grown up in and around Lymans, They have a special place in my heart. It was great to see so many different sizes of boats, and in stages of restoration. It was also good to see so many young people at the LBOA Commodores party. It shows that the hobby (or at least the partying) will continue on.

  5. Carla
    Carla says:

    Great story, Matt. I had no idea the Mid America Boat Show had such a large presence of classic wood/glass boats. Thinking I definitely “missed the boat” by not attending this show. Time to get out of hibernation for Hagerty!!

  6. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Now that is some serious Lyman Love. That Lyman Ideal is so beautiful you can see those swept lines go up through the Leader into those two 18 footers, my favorites with an outboard. Would love to have an Ideal to row on The River. Thanks for a great show with lots of Lapstrake.

  7. Dave Nau
    Dave Nau says:

    Best part, it was a team effort!.. We got more boats and motors than if any of the four groups involved had done it on their own.
    Great fun!

  8. Bill
    Bill says:

    Beautiful photos. But, the format (on our computer anyway) gives us tiny pictures with lots of wasted space on each side.

    Is there any way to make the photos larger? Thanks.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      Thanks, the site is a responsive site and has to work on a computer, tablet and phone. It gets wonky! Ugh. If you are on an apple, Hit COMMAND + and it will blow up the screen to fit and COMMAND – to reduce. Sorry, lots of stuff on the page. One thing you can do is click on the photo or side click to see View Photo and they blow up!

  9. John Gannon
    John Gannon says:

    I attended the show in Cleveland and the classic boat displays were far and away the highlight, not surprisingly. They were oases of vintage beauty and class in a sea of indistinguishable plastic boats. As a wooden boat enthusiast, Lyman owner and member of the Lyman Boat Owners Association, I am especially encouraged by the youthfulness of our leadership and membership. I’m not sure if Ryan, our commodore, is even 30 yet. If the LBOA is any indication, we needn’t worry about this hobby dying out.

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