Labor Day Rerun. Hey, I Needed The Day Off Too.

Love is in the air, and a whiff of rodent poop

Today we are going to rerun a story from last labor day. Labor Of Love. Why? Cause I am slamming on Sweet Pea for her show debut at the Reedville show. Also getting Stinky back in the water.  She is in the water and Running! Screaming and a wonderful prop for a photo shoot for a wonderful vintage store called LOWTIMERS. who this weekend opened their brick and mortar store in New Orleans! These photos are pre Stinky lettering.

Kelsey sporting a new Low Timers shirt

Batteries charged, and my batteries needed recharging. We set out for a 1/2 hr run that turned into a total tank drain. 3 hrs later and I wanted more. I LOVE THAT LITTLE STINKER!

Right at ya. Thats the Fish factory in the background. Guess how that smells on certain days?

VROOM with a veiw

Sporting her new STINKY flag! Custom made by LOWTIMERS with vintage Chainstich machine

Her new used H is a beast! Easy 35mph and thats at 2500RPM, she may need a slight smaller prop. But honestly, she is fine and a wonderful little boat for romantic rides. Like a vintage Jag on a country road. That smells like rat poop.

35 and more to go

The magic of the Chesapeake Bay

Flat water!

She rides very smooth oddly enough

Love is a powerful fuel that can move anything. Including a 1937 Barn find

Ripping along

lots of folks out. Flat waters and tons of waves

Jimmy, Lynn and Scarlet out on the Great Wicomico. What a great Cavalier.

Fast, fast and faster. With a 5.7 Mercruiser in it.

A perfect photo boat as well. Its a perfect boat on so many levels and the inspiration for Buttercup. Everyone should have a Plywoody

More Labor day love!

Happy Labor Day, get out there. Here is a link to LOWTIMERS, vintage clothing and cool curated objects of affordable art. A huge thanks to Model Kelsey Christian and Driver Stunt Man Ham Smith, Jimmy and Lynn.

A cool rest, Scarlet loves to swim in the shallows of the Great Wicomico

Ahhhhhh The Poster pooch for this years REEDVILLE SHOW



Headed back, no wait, lets go here

and here

Headed home

Back at the dock

And on the lift for the night next to her big sister. But not for long!

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Here is some new content. In Greenport this weekend was a 1957 Matthews in the process of being restored. Brought down from the Great Lakes on her own bottom. Also a 1954 Matthews Double Cabin saved from the chainsaw. But unfortunately Woodyboater still won’t let me post pictures. Sorry.

  2. Wudzgud
    Wudzgud says:

    My grandfather had a 1949 Matthews 40’ sedan. Had my first pictures on a woody boat on the fly bridge of “Alesto” back in 1966. This WoodyBoater varnish sniffing runs in your veins, from my grandfather to my mom to me. Woohoo!

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