Lake Dora Schedule of Events. First Event, Get In Your Car!

Are you still on the fence about coming to lake Dora next week? Well, Lets try this. STEP ONE, Let go! Thats right, just go out to the driveway and get in your car/truck, lawn mower, whatever. Turn the key. There, you are almost there. Back out of the driveway and head South. No one cares where you are right now, just where your gonna be!

Feb. Wind Storm

First dig out the truck. Sorry forgot that part

STEP TWO- You are headed South, yes, no matter where you started it all winds up going South. Step 3 Stop at some sort of disgusting fast food place, pee, and eat. But your getting warmer. Maybe pick up some boiled peanuts in Georgia. Why? I have no idea, those things are putrid. But it’s getting warmer.

no snow!

See, since you are already so far South, why not go all the way and enjoy the week in Florida. Ya sure your wife is wondering where you are? I mean you just walked out the door like a zombie. One second you were reading this, the next gone! Poof!

MARCH 23, 24, 25th, 2018

General Admission

$10.00 for all three days
Free Parking at the City Garage

Friday March 23—9am to 5pm
All Exhibits Open
Food Court
Nautical Flea Market
Field of Dreams (Antique Boats for Sale)
Sunnyland Ship’s Store—clothing, boat show items for sale
Live Beach Band Music
Sea Plane Rides available for a fee


Saturday March 24—8:30am to 5pm
9am Opening Ceremony
All Exhibits Open
ALL NEW FOR THIS YEAR – FESTIVAL OF SPEED  – over 60 antique and classic cars to complement our beautiful boats on display

Free Educational Symposium hosted by ACBS (Tavares City Hall Auditorium 9:30AM-4:30PM)  For a list of the Symposium Topics Click Here

Ladies Style Show And Lunch amp; hosted by EM’Z on Fifth at the Mount Dora Yacht Club – Bus leaves from main gate at 11:15 – Tickets Required $25 and can be purchased with your show registration – You must register for this event!

Live Beach Band Music
Woody Cars
Nautical Flea Market
Field of Dreams (Antique boats for sale)
Sea Plane Rides available for a fee

Sunday March 25—8:30am to 12pm (weather permitting)
Free Parking in City Garage
Awards Ceremony 9AM
Church Services at 10AM
Free Admission after 1pm
Shows Starts to Wind Down at 1pm
All Exhibits Open
Food Court
Nautical Flea Market
Field of Dreams (Antique Boats for sale)

Stuff for sale

So just walk out the door. Go on.. Tell them you gotta go to the Hardware store. They know that will take some time. LETS GO!

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  1. Ed F
    Ed F says:

    We are in the packing and polishing stage. Will leave Michigan Saturday morning. Taking Second Love for a week of boat riding. See you all down there

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