Lake Hopatcong Show Helps Celebrate A 100 Year Olds Birthday!


The Kadimiks out on Lake Hopatcong their Faye and Bowen

While we were all off to Michigan, the good folks on Lake Hopatcong had there annual show.  With over 25 boats and old Woody Cars on the scene. This show is one of the oldest shows from the first ACBS chapter. Lake Hopatcong has a long and fun history for classic boaters.

Kim out on the Faye & Bowen

This year fellow Woody Boaters John and Kim Kadimik gave rides on their wonderful 1912 Fay & bowen, that celebrated its 100 year old birthday this year. How cool is that. Very cool! Over 60 people took rides in her. Happy Birthday!

Here are some of the fun boats that made up the show. Photos by Natashia Kadimik.

Note the pink interior!


Bob Kays beautiful Woody


keep fill'n John, more rides to give!




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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    I was at this show about 5 years ago and it was fun with a great clubhouse and boat parade. Of course I’ve only been to 2 so both Lk. Hopatcong and now Algonac are special to me.

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    John, at first glance of that pic of you, I thought you were just paying tribute to I’m-out-of-gas-again Paul.

    Or WERE you out of gas and trying to disguise it with some “helping the other guy” fabrication?

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