Make Sure You Make Your Reservations In Florida. Stuff Is Booking Up!


Ahhh, the good old days. No reservation snafus!

As we get closer to the big show in Tavares, we recommend that you secure a room as soon as possible, hotels are booking up. The Lakeview Inn in Tavares already has a very long waiting list. Our reservation which we made a year ago is lost!  Very frustrating, but we have secured new rooms at a far more affordable hotel with many of our other Woody Boaters.

If you have a reservation at the Lakeview Inn, We strongly urge you to call them to make sure your reservation is secure and that the price you reserved the room at. Their prices have jumped..alot. But a fantastic location. So make sure you double check. You can click HERE for the website

If you are looking for a hotel in the area, there are two that we can recommend.

The Best Western Plus . This is where many are staying including ourselves for now. Our rates were around $120 a night for Friday and Saturday night.

1380 E Burleigh Boulevard LINK HERE
Tavares, Florida, 32778-4305, US
Phone: 352/253-2378


The Mission Inn!


The Mission Inn – This has a special ACBS Sunnyland Show Rate. It’s a Resort, and VERY nice. Golf and all sorts of stuff.  LINK HERE

10400 Country Rd 48

Howey – in – the- Hills, Florida 34737

Phone 800 874 9053

The Mission Inn is about 10 miles from the show, in the opposite direction of the main drag. But for the wife and kids,  worth it. We needed to be closer to the show since we use the room as an office. But the Mission Inn is a strong recommend!

There are rooms available at both now. But things are booking up fast. So if you are on the fence or waiting around, now is the time. We also encourage you to send in all your info to the Sunnyland show so they know if you are coming, and if your bringing a boat. Which we also strongly recommend. There are a ton of boating things to do. The judging is all fun and crazy, so the more fun the boat, the more fun you’ll have!

Also, you may consider coming in on Thursday! Big Party on Thursday night at the Antique Boat Center at Rejuvenation Woodworks! And the best day of the show is Friday!


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  1. matt
    matt says:

    There will be an open house of all open houses on Thursday night. Woodystock our annual event will be moved to a later time in the year. For those of you that have yet to visit Rejuvenation Woodworks. It’s amazing! And they wont loose your reservation!

    • Mike W
      Mike W says:

      Very cool shop. Such character. As far as rooms go we are staying at the Lakeside Inn, Mt. Dora. I booked a lakefront room on line and received a confirmation. Later in the day they called and said that room was not available. So we have another room. I would sleep in the car but the wife has some standards above mine. Hard to believe. Hopefully the latest confirmation sticks.

    • Tuobanur
      Tuobanur says:

      The party Thursday night at Rejuvenation Woodworks, is that for show participates only? I’m hoping my boat will be complete but I’m not sure right now.

  2. Ed F.
    Ed F. says:

    Thanks for the heads up Matt. We made our reservations at the Lakeview last April and got nervous when we read your comment. Leanne kept the email confirmation with detailed description of our stay and a confirmation number. I just called them and confirmed our stay. Thanks again for watching out for your flock!

    • Dennis Mykols
      Dennis Mykols says:

      I also made our reservation at the Lakeview Inn, as we left last years show. I just happened to call them two weeks ago to adjust my length of stay and cancel my Wednesday night room, and they had no problem finding my records and confirming my rates as stated last year.

  3. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    A friend of mine just made a reservation yesterday at the Holiday Inn Express in Tavares/Leesburg, which is only 5 minutes from the show site on Highway 441. It is a good hotel and a great choice price and location wise. I have stayed there during the show before and would recommend it. There is a Hampton Inn at Mount Dora but I believe it is booked up already. Good idea to get people thinking about his, Matt as things book up quickly.

    • Tom
      Tom says:

      A few weeks ago there was a story about some mechanical problems you were having with the Sea Skiff. What ended up being the culprit?

      • Paul H
        Paul H says:

        It was mainly ignition – I have gone to pertronix now and solved it. Carb needs a rebuild as well, but it is running much better. The mechanical advance counter weights springs were weak, as well as general rust and corrosion in the ignition. Running well know but hard starting after it is warm – the mechanic has diagnosed it and is ordering a carb kit for the Carter AFB it has. Pretty minor stuff overall.

  4. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    I stayed in The Best Western a few years ago and thought it was good. Not far from Wooton Park. We are bringing the motor home again and staying on site. Very convenient, to say the least. It’s a “dry camp” (no hookups) so come with a full fresh water tank and empty holding tanks and enough fuel to run the generator.

    The Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club has a meeting scheduled Saturday at 1:30 under the Big Tent. Members are encouraged to attend and guests are welcome. The Club is also a Bronze Sponsor and will have a booth. Come by and see us.

  5. Ron -- Seattle
    Ron -- Seattle says:

    Just finished yesterday making reservations at the Microtel, $59 bucks! Does the name tell it all? A room about the size of your car? Or does it cater to Seattle folk familiar with the Micro…. name-ish?
    The Alaska airlines non-stop flight now has 4 single seats left. So far, 6 of us headed there. See you Thursday night, can anyone arrange a boat ride, or two, or five, for us? We are also renting a houseboat for the week after!

  6. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I got my room at Hampton Inn Leesburg/Tavares…..and like Matt says things are getting tight already.
    Glad to hear from Al about the CCABC meeting on Sat. at 1:30…..I always lobby for Friday feeling folks are tied up with the biggest day of the show on sat…but fine with me…I will hang around…it was great to see mfine and troy at al last year!
    Make up a name tag like I do….with your posting name and etc…folks with read and you can connect names and faces.
    John in Va.

      • Ed F.
        Ed F. says:

        We have stayed at the Microtel a few times, in fact we met Bill there two years ago. It’s a fine place to stay. If there had been a problem with the Lakeview reservation it would have been first on my list. Less than 10 minutes from the show. Walking distance to several restaurants. Breakfast and swimming pool.

  7. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    We got a confirmation sheet showing how much deposit they had charged my card and the remaining balance Dec. 30. After reading your comments I called this afternoon to make sure we were still good and she said everything is ok. We will be cglad to be there.

  8. Terry Fiest
    Terry Fiest says:

    The best buy for the buck is at the Mission INN—I got a block of rooms set aside and the rate is very reasonable. This year the Mission Inn has events for the ladies that don’t get up early and go to the show. Also, they have a beautiful bar—great restaurants and if you want to golf—-its a good course. Things are shaping up for the show—I am thinking around 10 to 15 Cobras and the Symposium on Saturday should be very good. Certainly look forward to seeing all of you Sunny Florida—travel safe—Terry

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