Let’s Get This Little Party Started. LIVE From Reedville VA

Getting ready to go!

Dorian is someplace out in the Atlantic up north, we are expecting a beautiful here in little Reedville. THis year the folks went all out to make it a special event involving the entire town. Since yesterday here was grey, and very windy, I was able to spend some time detailing Stinky for the show. That had never been done. But she is ready as well.

All shined up

If you are headed here, stop by and say hello, we will have Sweet Pea, WECATCHEM and Stinky at the museum, along with Yannon. And aprox 50 other classic boats around the town.

Pass Gas special is all ready..ish

Cleaning up the chrome, or whats left of the chrome


Hope you dont mind, I need to cut this short, I got boats to move!

Does this shirt make me look smart?

OH! And for those of you wondering about the photo thing in the comment section, we are still trying other stuff. WE WILL BEAT THIS!


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  1. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    It’s also show day in Minnesota. The Land-o-Lakes Classic Boat Club’s Real Runabouts Rendezvous is on at Lord Fletcher’s Old Lake Lodge on Lake Minnetonka. We had a glorious cruise yesterday, including four Rivas. Report to follow.

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