Massive Turnout To Lake Dora- Biggest Show In Memory!

FLA Sat 59

There were classic boats everywhere.

What a day, what a day! Docks full, park full, bellies full, and suncsreen tube empty. Thats what its all about! If for any reason you think the classic boat hobby is slowing down, you are dead wrong. This place was slammed yesterday. And busy busy busy! Boats selling in the feild of dreams, flea market sales up, Woody Boater store cleaned out. And we did what we are here to do. GO BOATING! We shot close to 1500 photos and are still weeding through to find the good ones.

FLA SAT Matt Shooting

Shooting Jim Frechetes little ALICE K II – Photo M-fine

FLA Sat1

The shot!

So stay tuned. In the mean time here is some more teasers!


M fine and jimmy on the Woody boater Photo Boat


Feather Crafts having fun on Lake Eustis


Jim and m-fine on Lake Harris


Wood and Fiberglass


The YNOT Gang from a baby Donzi shooting magic

FLA Sat 30

The Boatress and jimmy on Lake Harris


YNOT Silver Arrow – Its Insane!


Details make a difference


Weather Perfection


Carla! Like Cher, Bono, Elvis, We just know her by one name! The Queen of classic boating!


Did we mention that the YNOT Silver Arrow is amazing. And this is an outtake!


Come back! OK?

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  1. Dave Clyne
    Dave Clyne says:

    What a great show ! Got my coffee cup. got my t-shirt. Met about a dozen fellow members of the Manotick club. A special thank you to John Zeidner who took Helen and me for a ride through the Dora Canal in his 1956 Shepherd.

  2. Kentucky Wonder
    Kentucky Wonder says:

    Alligators. Were there any alligators? I always wonder if any of the boat ramp guys wading in the water have a fear of getting attacked. Maybe they are more worried about the boat owners.

    Also, any photos from O’Keefe’s Irish pub across the street? A few years back, they made a coffee with both Jamison and Baileys that was the perfect end to a windy cool day.

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    There are definitely alligators, but none of them were willing to sign a release so I can’t post their photos.

  4. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    I still have never been to Dora, but the huge crowds and great enthusiasm are no mystery. Yes, the event organizers do a fantastic job. But don’t underestimate the power of this community you’ve created here at Woody Boater. I blame you, Matt, in the best way possible.

  5. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    After attending for several years in a row, I now know how it feels again to be on the outside looking in. Condolences to all the non attendees. Mother Nature had a different plan for me as we clean up storm damage from last week.

  6. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    I know the feeling well, Floyd. It’s tough trying to enjoy the Show from a distance (although Woodyboater does a great job, it’s just not the same as being there). We had to leave early last year, and couldn’t be there at all this time. Next year…

    • Wilson
      Wilson says:


      It was a great show but it wasn’t the same with out you at the Chris Craft tent. Hope all is well or at least getting well.

  7. Norm Kitching
    Norm Kitching says:

    Looking forward to more, lots more, pictures. Good work, everybody had fun, great boat rides, and many stories. Wish we could have been there, maybe next year. We are signed up for the Blue Water Adventure, see you there.

  8. John A Gambill
    John A Gambill says:

    All loaded and packed up and heading back to Michigan in the AM.
    Thanks so much to Terry and his entire hard working gang for this FUN! well organized event.
    See yaz on the water!

  9. Big Al
    Big Al says:

    “Long time listener,first time caller” I was visiting my Dad in the nearby Villages and we came to the show Friday. Beautiful weather, beautiful location, super well organized show!

    We both had a great time. Looking forward to seeing you again.

    • Wilson
      Wilson says:

      Chris Ann said he is doing.well. She showed us pictures of him building a 21′ utility for his grandson. Looks like it is almost done.

  10. KW
    KW says:

    Martin, I ran into Chris at the grocery store a couple weeks ago. He is moving slow but doing just fine.777

  11. Mike Paciorek
    Mike Paciorek says:

    This was my first time to the show ! And I owe it to the Woody Boater site .. I just couldn’t miss it after all the hype . .. so I booked a direct fight from Syracuse on Wednesday and got into the Holiday Inn on Friday at 1:00pm . Shopped the flea market and found hardware I was searching for … took the seaplane ride .. got a photo of the alligator and almost got sucked up by a helicopter ! Heard the pilots name is Hans from Germany .. what was up with that guy?

  12. deejay
    deejay says:

    We love seeing our Donzi 22 Classic in your “Wood and Fiberglass” PIX. We live on the Harris Chain and sure do enjoy having the show here. There was a nice turnout of Donzis this year.

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