Meet The Frosts, First Johnson Dealer, And One Of The First Chris Craft Dealers.

Richard “Dick” Frost

The rare eBay photos just keep giving back the magic. We got an email from Albert Frosts grandson, who had some more info on the Frost family and man oh man, its very cool. Here is some history on the Frost family!
Albert G. Frost 1st started a Buick dealership in Portland Maine early 1920’s..

In 1928 opened a boat shop in Portland. Below photo that started the chain of stories

The dealership in Portland

The article in Power Boating Magazine May 1930

Albert G Frost boat co was the 1st Johnson outboard dealership in the US and the first Chris craft  dealer in New England. His youngest son Richard, known to many as Dick Frost started working for his dad after graduating from Deering High School. He began racing small boats for once Corp starting in Naples Maine and going as far as California .

Dick Frost Winner

He won many of these races and became a local hero when in a race in Naples on long lake Maine another competitor flipped over going around a buoy. Dick, who was well in the lead, turned back to help the driver.

Racing .

Dick gave Chris Craft rides at the Naples causeway and on the eastern prom in Portland .
He also flew a small plane! During WWII  he was in the 19th task force patrolling the coast of Maine

Example photo of a Curtiss SOC Seagull that flew over Casco Bay near Portland. There is a great story LINK HERE.

Dick bought a Seaplane and had Chris-Craft painted on it and serviced the boats they had sold as far as Moosehead Lake.

Albert G Frost passed away in 1954 shortly after Dick bought a piece of land beside a river that ran into Sebego Lake . He had the shallow river dredged to allow bigger boats this new marina was called Frost harbor . He also moved the shop in Portland to Scarborough Maine for more room to better showcase is growing stock of boats.

Now, Woody Here. This is where I got confused last article. HERE. There was a Albert G. Frost II.. Okay back to Brian.

My older brother, Albert G Frost II, worked with him. I also worked in the boat yard .. the business was sold in the 1980s
Dick lived to be 93 and was married to my mom Helen for 72 years
I remember the story that he bought my moms engagement ring with the winnings from a race in California .. he was an accomplished musician had his own band and played the saxophone, accordion.

How cool is this, all from one simple picture bought on eBay and posted. For the record, we sent the original photo  to Brian for his family.

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:


    I was talking with “Charlie from Maine” after the last Frost story. He was telling me how he would go there with his Father and brother and poke around the yard.

    Matt: it is AWESOME of you to send the pics to the Frost family. You are a good man, and a credit to this hobby.

  2. Brian Frost
    Brian Frost says:

    Yes, Albert G Frost II worked with our father, Dick, since being discharged from the US Army. he later managed the family business til it was sold.

  3. tommyholm
    tommyholm says:

    That is a 1934 Century Midget A (Class A) race boat with the trophy on it and Dick Frost in it. Ride a Thoroughbred.

    • Tommyholm
      Tommyholm says:

      Hey tow boat Troy, did you see this, CC Dealer drives a Century to Victory. In plain text: sells slow boats, drives a fast boat

  4. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Really enjoy these old photos & accompanying history. Wonderful of you to pass the photo on to the family.

  5. Susan Lamoureux
    Susan Lamoureux says:

    What an amazing story to share. The pictures bring back so many memories of the stories I was told as a child. Dick Frost is my grandfather and not only was he talented in music, he was also very passionate about his business. I spent my summers as a child with Grampa and Nana Frost and couldn’t have had more love and affection bestowed upon me.
    Brian Frost is my Dad. He tells me stories about our family that I will treasure always. And he has been there for me celebrating with me the amazing times and being right by my side through the difficult times.
    I have fond memories of Grampa playing his accordion or his organ while he watched with that sparkle in his eyes as I danced around the living room.
    I am so proud to be a Frost. Thank you for this beautiful article-
    Susan Lamoureux

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