Michigan Gang, Breaks The Internet.

If you were here this morning, we had a fun story cooking about the Michigan gang making small boats for kids. By noon we were up to 20 comments, and then it happened. Boom, crash, bang, sputter sputter. Woody Boater turned into a boring template. A default template. Turns out while tweaking some stuff. A widget was updated and the site didn’t like that. Thats what happens when a web site is built from toothpicks and duck tape. WHICH, is why we are updating it all.

And with that we had to go back into the back up, which was yesterday. And so all of today has disappeared. Poof. I could rebuild it, but it would be wonky for sure. So you get this. I got bupkiss. And now I am looking for some one to blame.

I recall them drinking alot.


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  1. Geoff Haines
    Geoff Haines says:

    It wasn’t noontime, it was about 9 am when the site went to the blah template. I hated it and wrote you to tell you about it. Glad to see the old site back again.

  2. briant
    briant says:

    Hey Matt. Blame me. No worries.

    Many WBers hate my guts anyways. oh waaay.

    Let’s see…there is the one dude in Bob and Doug’s Great White North, the dude who quotes Oddball every three seconds, there is that nut who would be happy to find his new prison girlfriend for shooting me if I step on his porch,…

    You get the digital image.

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    HAHA, I got about 20 emails in about 30 minutes, and my sister thought I had died and the world came to an end… And then just like any old MG, it started up again. But it is wonky, and the toothpicks are starting to get soggy.

  4. Floydrturbo
    Floydrturbo says:

    You’re bound to have a hick up every now and then. Even NASA has had their issues, their anniversary a couple of days ago was the 37 year anniversary of losing 7 astronauts . RIP NASA 7. I’m sure you’ll get your problems resolved before NASA did. Maybe you need to put Elon Musk on speed dial.

  5. briant
    briant says:

    Hey Floyd, there is a BIG difference between a hiccup and a hick up.

    Damn, I have the hiccups.

    Damn, I have a hick up in the back forty that won’t vacate the premises.


    • Floyd r turbo
      Floyd r turbo says:

      Voice to text issue not my problem. Matt says I don’t have to proofread. It should’ve figured that out through context. Hell They’ve got AI that can write a whole book for and illustrate it now based on your idea.

  6. Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida)
    Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida) says:

    I am glad you got it running Matt. I can’t remember what I said this morning. I can remember what I said 30 years ago. You know old man thing. Anyway It was a good story, Looks like the “older kids” enjoyed making the boats. BYW is that a Bud Lite. sticking out of that yellow koozie? Just wondering. Thanks for sharing Greg.

  7. Art
    Art says:

    Boy am I glad you are back Matt………………..I had no Idea what my password was, hell I didn’t even know that I has a password, which they asked me for earlier today.

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