Ned Craft Classic Boats. Aluminium & Wood=Holy & Cow!

There is something very dramatic about varnished wood. No one denies that. Add some nice chrome and KAPOW! Now, why stop there, add some more metal and you have a masterpiece of art, and machine. Thunderbird in lake Tahoe is a prime example of this. Replace her cabin in wood and you loose the drama. She still would be an amazing boat with unbelievable lines. The contrast of cold airplane metal and warm natural wood is eye popping. With the help of the world wide web we are now able to travel the globe looking for such things. Regardless of language or location. And bingo. Ned Craft Boats in Amsterdam comes up. They describe there boats as “unique custom made aluminum boats, based on a classic American design from the 20’s”… Amen my Ned friends. The photo’s tell the story more than anything I can write. So enjoy. We have a call into them for more information. Pricing, availability. Sign me up.

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