New To Classic Boating? Here Are Some Easy Tips.


Not this new! – ebay photo

If you have been out on the water this summer, you have no doubt seen a lot of boaters. A LOT! With low fuel prices and being stuck at home. It only makes sense. Boating is a great escape. Classic boating, even better. And you have had a hankering for an old woody, and now your time has come.

I lost my shirt, but found a life passion

Tip 1. BUY A RESTORED BOAT! Buy someone else’s dream restoration. It will cost you about 50% of the restoration cost. Fix what needs to be fixed, change colors, whatever and enjoy boating first.

They all need a new bottom. The one case were original is not all that great

Tip 2. Make sure your first classic boat has a good restored bottom. The last thing you want to deal with is that job and expense right now.

They look cool.

Tip 3, old outboards and trailers SUCK. Set them aside and make an artistic statement out of them.

Tip 4. Try out different models. Sit in them and take your time. We all want a runabout first, they are sexier, but Utilities are the more social boats. And if you are older, fatter and stiffer than you were at 18, easier to work on.

Tip 5. Subscribe to Classic Boating magazine, join some clubs, and bask in it all. Any problem you have, has been had before. They are all classic problems. Enjoy them.

Tip 6. They smell, it’s normal. Exhaust, oil blow by, varnish, dead rodents, its all part of the total experience. trust me, you will enjoy it all. Your nose is an amazing safety gauge.


Tip 7. LIFT AND SNIFF. Always smell your engine compartment. If you smell fuel, looks around, you have a loose nut or screw.

Look at me!

Tip 8. Don’t be a douche out there. Watch your wake. Our boats make huge wakes at low speeds, and people are watching you. They cant help it, but if you are a douche, they will know you. Do it in a plastic pile of white Clorox recycled Clorox bottles, you are anonymous.

It happens

Tip 9. Breaking down is part of the fun. Have a tow boat, or friends phone number around. We all break down, bring tools, and a good sense of humor.

Your mother who is now 90 if you are lucky, is still hot here. We don’t judge. Wait, yes we do.

Your dad is also cool here. Even though he is now yelling at kids on the front porch playing in his yard.

Tip 10. Come back here on WoodyBoater every day. You will find over 5000 stories on the topic of your current medical condition, and others like you. Confused, crazy, perverted, immature, sexist, offensive, and kind and caring! Nothing is stupid, and no question to ridiculous. You may get some nutso answers, but we will make you feel better about your insecurities. The boat ones. Your personal ones will be exploited and shoved back into your face. Thats what friends are for.

Our first header ever

OH AN ONE MORE THING. Today is header day, just hit refresh and you will see a new header. We have thousands of them. Enjoy the clicking


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    • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
      Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

      I agree Toby. Old outboards and trailers are like women. They require a lot of love and a little maintaince. But they can make your day, and will put a smile on your face!

  1. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Followed tip #3 this spring & had Motor Boat Garage install a new Suzuki 25 on my Aristocraft. Stern sits a bit lower in the water & it doesn’t look as cool as the ’76 Merc, but much more enjoyable not having to be towed in or row 1/2 mile back to the dock. Working thru the break in period now. And on plans to make the new motor more visually in tune with the boat.

  2. mike baron
    mike baron says:

    this is my living room my fathers 60 martin. this was on his century imperial sportsman. we put 2 martins on the back and i actually water skied (i was very young and little) in the ADK hope to see you at Clayton this year. i will be there doing music and announcing.

  3. DavidK
    DavidK says:

    Yeah, retract the outboard smear. We can get towed in with a conked out outboard as easily as anyone with a conked out inboard.

  4. Mark again
    Mark again says:

    I hope everyone read my comment earlier. But since were talking about good old outboards.

  5. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Since today has turned into an outboard love in, here are a couple old timers I need to get cleaned up and running some day.

  6. Andy in Middletown
    Andy in Middletown says:

    Outboards and 15 fit +/- boats are the gateway drug to the woody boater lifestyle. Cheap to buy, cheap to fix, easy to tow behind the family cross-over SUV. Our family’s outboards are kept in service by myself, my 36 year old brother and our 72 year old father. We just spent a fun filled family weekend at a lake with two 15 footers and period OMC power on them. Don’t let the cosmetics of the outboards fool ya, they run like little swiss watches. I’d be happy to put my skeg where my mouth is and contribute an article sharing more about the experience if the big Woodys wood like.

    • Andy in Middletown
      Andy in Middletown says:

      The wooden boat is a 1956 Lyman with 1954 Big Twin.

      The Fiberglassic is a 1958 Norris Craft with a 1958 18 h.p. Johnson. (Brother is searching for a 1957-58 35hp johnson by the way)

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