Over 5000 Photo's of Classic Boats, With Just A Click.

If you can’t wait til MT. Dora to go to a great boat show. Or you are just trying to see if your boat is not the only one out there. Than do we have a treat for you. The Classic Boathouse www.theclassicboathouse.com is a mother load of images. Even Ray Stockwells photos. Wow. There are also great shots of Aluminum and Fiberclassic boats. EVERYTHING is there. Even the Skeeto. That West Bend thing is calling my name.. eBay.. anyway. What a great site. It’s like visiting one of those huge antique malls that go on and on until you feel dizzy. I go back there all the time. Along with a plethora of images, there is a forum, movie clips. If you can think of it, it’s there. I have to go now the Volkswagen Classic boat is giving me a headache……

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