You can see other Woody Boaters headed north on the App

It’s 4 AM ish and half way to Clayton. Decided to stop before I hit the Presidents speech area in PA, figured a room would be hard to find. And was right about that. My plan is to arrive before noon today in Clayton. Phil Andrews is already there and enjoying the build up of boats, Andy C is there with a trailer full of stuff to unload on the world and I am sure Fat Earl Jr, jr and Earlene are eating stuff. Wooohoooo! Boat show fun!

LOVE! Andy C. brings the fun stuff to sell, that just might fit into my truck bed! Of course I wont have a bed to sleep in when I get home.

Shazaaaam! Gotta love hotel TV

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  1. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    Clayton weather looks like a mixed bag this weekend but it definitely will be humid. Might be a bit choppy too. Stay hydrated, jump in the river if all else fails.

  2. Wolfgang
    Wolfgang says:

    Been to Clayton twice, Sure is a nice show of the max quality. Headed to Traverse City Tomorrow for Boats on the Board Walk. Another great show. Then Hessel the following Saturday.

    • Dave Nau
      Dave Nau says:

      Been to Clayton and will do it again.

      I’m at the Antique Outboard Motor Club International annual National Meet in Tomahawk, WI right now. Whole different vibe, with the focus on outboard motors. However, there are lots of sweet wood, fiberglass, and aluminum boats, along with tons of wood hydroplanes. These speedsters are both on display in the arena and running daily on the water. I’m surprised by how many families are here, along with all the old guys like me. Boats going in and out of the water all day long as guys try different motors. My first time here and I’ll be back.

      That’s the problem with this time of year. So many good things to do, all at the same time!

  3. Riva Della
    Riva Della says:

    Road trip, yeah! Maybe not quite as far as Clayton for us…..will Port of Edmonds be OK? Hot rod cars & classic boat. If we survive the ferries…..

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Not going to make it. Busy week at a new job, and then we have visitors coming tomorrow with a Katz’s pastrami. I would skip a lot of things to go see Matt in Clayton, but not a good pastrami!

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