Sad Breaking Late News – Old Club On Harsen’s Island Fire


Many of you who are regular readers no doubt know about the Old Club on Harsens Island near Algonac. This club has very deep roots in the Chris Craft universe, and there are countless stories of the Smith’s and other industrial giants of the day playing cards and taking time off there. The Firestones, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford to name drop. It’s a very special simple place, and every year opens its doors for the Algonac Gang to park and enjoy a wonderful breakfast. The coolest part of the club is that its on an island, and you need to get there by boat. Or a car, but need to ferry over to the island.

Chris Smith gave some wonderful talks there.

Now we are not going to talk about the fire, because we don’t have photos, they belong to others, but if you just google Old Club Fire, the internet is rich with images. Ugh. Sad, so very sad. This place is home to a many a photo taken for the old Chris Craft, and hopefully the homes will be rebuilt. The fire destroyed 6 homes, and two have extensive damage. No report on the club house.  Here is the story in the Detroit News


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  1. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Just saw this., Very sad.. My sympathies to the people who lost their summer places. Also to the owners of the Old Club. A lot of memories went up in smoke.


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