Saturday Weigh In. UGH. 40ish Days Til Dora.

Up 6 lbs! WTH?

Well, I said I would weigh in for better or worse. And yes, I dropped a quick 10lbs the first week. Like I have moved a boat from Florida in the Summer to Lake Tahoe. I dropped a ton of water weight fast. As the weeks marched on though, I couldn’t focus and one thing or another would distract me. This is the hardest part of any weight loss. the mental part. And the reason for the Saturday Weigh in as we countdown to Lake Dora. BTW, just 40 days away. Dang! In 40 days I am gonna cram on some shorts and a L shirt, regardless. Speaking of that, we have two new shirts for the cushion series, and a HUGE announcement about the future of WoodyBoater, to be launched at Lake Dora. HAPPY HEADER DAY – HIT REFRESH AND A NEW OLD HEADER WILL APPEAR




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  1. Briant
    Briant says:

    Man o man I cannot wait for Dora so that this Saturday weigh in bit goes away. It is difficult to drink coffee and look at old dude’s feet in the morning.


  2. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    Ill check in at 217.4 today, woohoo down 11 lbs from 3rd week in December, Only cheated once per week for the last 2 weeks drinking sweet tea. Planing on going cold turkey next week, Its a tough life watching what you eat all the time, We are so ready to get to Mt. Dora.

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