Saving An Original Penzoil Sign

Someone had painted two signs over this. The sign is dated 1966

Last year around this time. I was able to repourpose and save a painted over Coca Cola sign, and here we are again. A painted over Penzoil sign. I do get how this happens, but whats strange to me is that people think these painted over porclean signs are not savable. They are. And actually its not really that hard. Paint stripper works great and so does a light touch of a heat gun. Or in my case a razor blade and a buffer. Hey, at least I was able to fix something. Ugh. THIS week ahead! We have the Holiday party, and a great Kent O. Smith story so stay tuned!

Photo from the ad on Facebook trading post

Actually I bought it for the stand. Thats a harder to find thing than the sign

Slowly and carefully stripping away the layers of paint. Praying the guy that painted it didnt sand and prime it.

Actually it was protected by that paint! Woohooo

Some polishing compound and pow

Not a boat oil sign, but a fun one day project

In actually great shape with just enough rattyness to make it right

The stand was repaired sanded and painted. BAM

Love the vibe