Secret spy reports in from Lake Tahoe

Our secret spy reporter has sent us these breath taking images from Tahoe. Texx is still in route.. Dang it’s sweet thar!








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  1. Marty Feletto
    Marty Feletto says:

    Jim – they were made in Stockton, CA , just 50 miles south of where I am in Sacramento. For Credence fans – 20 miles south of Lodi! Pretty kick butt boats.

    Early ones had steel frames with marine plywood tortured over them and screwed in. Kind of a semi-racing craft – the Besotes brothers were mechanics for Stan Dollar and his racing Gar Woods at Tahoe. They made enclosed trailers, then boats – hence the steel frame. Low deadrise, big motors – lots of Cadillacs.

    To Norm – the pictures are from South Shore – specifically, Tahoe Keys. 2 weeks from now we are at Sierra Boat (Herb’s place) in North Shore for the Concours de Elegance.

  2. Marty Feletto
    Marty Feletto says:

    Forgot to mention, got a late wood framed one laying around if anybody wants it. Total project – really just a start, but cool. Called a Tahoe model – not mine, owned by a friend, but in my world. Come get it!

  3. Chuck Crosby
    Chuck Crosby says:


    I am interested in contacting Marty Feletto concerning the Besotes project boat that he mentioned in his July 30 10:37 PM post. I recently, 18 months ago, sold my 1947 Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout and I am looking…..

    Could you forward my contact information to Marty? Or, if not me, to Dave at Northwest Classic Boats. I have also shot Dave an e-mail asking him for a ballpark restoration number. My replacement boat must be safe, reliable and low maintenance. I think the Besotes Tahoe model restored by Dave just might do it.


    Chuck Crosby Jr.
    916-654-4018 work
    916-622-0892 cell

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