Smith Mountain Lake Says Come On In The Waters Great, To Miss America IX


L-R George Blosser, Charlie Locke assist in the launching of Miss America IX.

So, its almost fall, and last gasp time and you are sitting around reading this? Really? You’re not in your car loaded up on coffee and egg McMuffins racing to Smith Mountain Lake? What? If you live on the East Coast this could be your last big fun show of the year. Sure there is the International out on Lake Tahoe in a couple weeks.


Chuck Mistele getting his equipment ready for launch.


Susan Locke issues last minute instructions to the launching crew.


Pre-Launch instructions to Susan Locke who was Chuck’s “navigator” from the State Park ramp to Mariners Landing.

But this is here, now and amazing and the weather is a slam dunk winner. And, if you want to see the Mid Atlantic’s best and nicest folks then. not to mention you get to see us potentially sink. Sorry Carla. And yes we double checked. To Quote Carla. “Have Fun” We will be on the road later today after rebuilding the water pump and Jimmys still got some wheat to harvest. Not a metaphor, he really does. Stay tuned for updates. but its so much more fun live!


The engines ran fine and Miss America IX is underway for the Smith Mountain Lake Annual Boat Show.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Looks like a great time and will want to make that event some day.
    For any WoodyBoaters in or near the mitten state, we are getting set for a day of cruising the St. Clair River, and then the big show in Port Huron tomorrow. Come on out and join the Michigan chapter for a good time!

  2. Jeff Funk
    Jeff Funk says:

    Kudos to Chuck for continuing to share Miss America IX with the boating public. Rather than leave her locked up in a climate controlled container or museum, he allows us to view her in all her glory with engines roaring and skimmng across the water as she did nearly a hundred years ago…usually giving an excited guest passenger the boat ride of a lifetime. A true and valued ambassador of boating history. Thank you Chuck!

  3. Speedboat Outlaw
    Speedboat Outlaw says:

    In the 70’s my boys and I heard a roar from the river and Miss America IX was going by our cottage on Harsen’s Island, MI. Naturally we jumped in the car and chased the sound downstream to Al D’Eath’s Marina (hydroplane racer and Tom D’Eaths dad, also hydroplane racer). The boat was pulling in for gas with Harold Mistele driving, that’s Chuck’s dad. He had on a suit and was headed for Detroit to go to work. Great commuter!
    Harold was my hero and a real Woody Boater.

  4. Mark
    Mark says:

    I cannot even imagine sitting with my KL almost in my lap never mind those behemoths.
    RocketMan debuts tomorrow at our local Bat State Woodies show tomorrow up here in Massachusetts and I will be wearing that same cheesy captains hat. I would think that Chuck would have a tie down strap on his though.

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