Sons Of Varnish Return To Lake Dora – Are You In?

SONS T SHIRT 2016 HAM SCROLL Are you ready? Have earned your colors this winter? Introducing the new 2016 Sons Of Varnish T -Shirt for Lake Dora. We are working on several color options and will also be bringing inventory from the store, including a case of Coffee Cups. We will be clearing out the 2015 stuff like we do every year. We arrive and will be set up on Late Thursday and Friday.

Coffee Varnish And Stain

mmm a good sip of varnish in the morning

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    You want to know I am in!

    Bring some of those blue long shirts, I want to buy some.

    Hope we avoid the welcoming committee we had last year.

  2. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Texx can you let us know what kind of camera or gadgets, mega pixels or whatever you are using for your photos? That one above in the header is fantastic!!

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Hi Dan – The header shot today (and the shots in this comment section) were taken using a Nikon D-610 with a Nikkor 70-300 lens. The D-610 has a 24.3 megapixel full-frame sensor.

      We are still learning how to use all the features of this camera, and shoot with two memory cards – one for standard 10.0 Mb JPEGs and the other for RAW 25-30 Mb high resolution photos. Hope this helps. Texx

      • Rick
        Rick says:

        Wow, didn’t understand much of that. Think I’ll keep using my iPhone. But keep up the good work, love you pics.r

      • Kentucky Wonder
        Kentucky Wonder says:

        The biggest factor on sharpness is concentrating on getting your camera to focus sharply on the correct subject in the frame. No easy task in a bouncing boat!

        Texx and Matt can add lots of knowledge to this, but basically make sure your camera is set where the shutter speed is AT LEAST 1/1000 second, if not faster. Shoot lots of frames in bursts when the action happens (when the boat hits the wave, for example), and work hard to keep focused. Modern autofocus helps so much, but it is also fast enough to change without you noticing. Nothing worse than an out-of-focus boat with a perfectly sharp stand of trees 300 yards behind it.

        Once digital cameras got to the 15MP level, there was longer any reason to shoot film. Film’s resolution has been overtaken, and now by a long measure. The best of the modern cameras are challenging the quality of the lenses attached to them. You need the best lenses to get the maximum quality promised by the camera.

        If you can get a lens with large aperture (f/2.8 or better) and Image Stabilization, it helps. They are expensive and heavy, but they allow the camera to do its work much faster, while helping reduce the effects of the moving photo platform (The boat you are riding in). Plus, large apertures help throw the background out-of-focus, emphasizing your subject.

        OK, I’m done now.

        • Texx
          Texx says:

          It’s always fun to get that different shot, in a different position – which means you also have to put yourself in an unusual position in the shoot boat, with the light just right.

  3. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    Wow! Look at how powerful Woodyboater is. You got Google to create a self driving Chris Craft. Way to go Matt!

  4. WWoodyGal
    WWoodyGal says:

    Not going to make it to Tavares this year. So eat plenty of onion burgers, drink Mojitos and eat Cuban in Dora and have fun! See you’all next year…

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