Sunday Sausage

While we were all story surfing and milking, lots of little bits and pieces of stories were clogging the digital arteries of my laptop. And so today I am going to clear them out with a Sausage Story. After all a good breakfast is good energy for the entire day.

This has nothing to do with boats, But I love the lettering on the building. Groceries and Harness’s? 

I found this stamp in the drawers of the stand up table. Anyone want it? I did some research and I think? Well, its either worth $4,000 or $10… HA

This card is on ebay for a ton of money? Why? I dont know?

I am so confused. I mean its fuuny, but? You can click here and maybe you can splain it to us – 

I love me a good ash tray

The Captain is sleeping now, we will have to wait to go back in

Sissy on the left is dealing with a wedgy? Other than that, everyone is having fun.

Clearly there is some confusion as to where HERE is?

I wonder why someone hasnt tried to “restore” a boat into one of the concept boats used in the ads during the war to keep folks excited

Love the artwork on this one.

I found the missing Links boat?

And I am going to spare you all the new “drill center” at HQ, I find it so interesting that the Dewalt hand drill replaces so much of what these other drills do. I am going to “art direct the new aged wall and sheves made from scraps of wood.