More Sunnyland Snaps

Miss America IX Jesus this one amazing boat.

Well. iPads suck at reporting. The wordpress app bites and I was down just hording images. Thank god for Texx, who by the way is so sunburn on his face that he is going to slof off 2 layers of skin on the plane. Texx went on an interveiw for a story on a man’s boat that he had owned since a kid. He went 7 knots.. for hours. And well worth it. The story is amazing. Of course Texx will be reporting from the burn unit. The show had about a 10% less boats in the water showing. But it was better that way. Planes could park as well as the race boats. I have to say….again.. one of the best shows I have been to. The brand of Sunnyland is beyond comparison. I have here a ton of fun images and we will have more video. With as Texx stated the first in a series of Woody Boater “Full Throttle Interveiws” Who really cares what they have to say. The boat does all the talk’n.. I am so going to loose cameras this way. And this week coming up…… Oh god… I am not kidding or fooling around… A 4th Golden Pond Boat. Yup.. Saw it at the show and awarded it the first official Big Woody.

Lets go out on a Jersey Skiff.

A nice utility being photographed by classic boating magazine and we are photographing that photo shoot. Was anyone shooting us?

Guy Lombardo' Tempo Race Boat

The Amazing Woody Boater HQ

Sea Plane Rides. Glorious Sea plane Rides

Rejuvenation Woodworks building. Richard Arnold is amazing. This is the ultimate wood boat shop and worth the trip from California alone to see.

It's Morning in Jersey

The dinner was great. Aparently a crime had occured before the event

Antique Boat Center had a very VERY succesful show. Lots of boats sold. The market is strong in Sunnyland!

The perfect setting

This boat is INSANE!

The nector of the mahogany gods at Rejeuvination Woodworks. The texture of the cool art all over the walls was amazing

Paul Harrison feeling the the rejeuvination Woodworks open house. Also of note the best meal of the trip. BBQ was amazing!

The Riva Guru was here with this cool Riva and its snazzy top.

Thayer Iv actually won an award. What the hell. i spend three years on a restoration, gone through 80 gallons of varnish. Nothn.. I drag this out of a barn. Don't even clean it. Bird crap all over it. mold.. And it wins. HA

The Woody Boater shoot boat going out to sea with Don Ayers, And Texx

More raceboats. What an amazing seting for a show. 85 all day long!

Thanks, more tomorrow. We are going on the River Cruise for the day. Texx will most likely just be a charcol bricket when its all said and done.. mmmm BBQ ribs..

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  1. anonymus
    anonymus says:

    Wonderful. That a’way to shoot from the hip when the technology let’s you down, Thankyou

  2. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Matt and Red Texx, thanks for the constant flow of pictures despite the patchy coverage. What a cool boat that feather- lite is. Anyone know if that high gloss aluminium ( NZ Spelling ) needs to be constantly polished to keep it that way or is there a coating over it?

  3. Robert Miracle
    Robert Miracle says:

    Hey guys, what a great show. This was our second time down to the Sunnyland show. We got a lot of great shots of the boats and they will be posted on our website soon. Look under Boats/ACBS Boats/Sunnyland 2011

    We had problems with internet connection where we were staying, so we were not able to post photos. The fact that we take so many photos and have only one laptop on which to edit and post them didn’t help. We had to come home on Saturday and didn’t get to photograph the show that day. We are editing and posting the pictures now, and will soon have them on our web page.
    Thank you to all of you who came up to us at the show. It was a great experience, and we are grateful to have been a part of it. It is nice to know that you are looking at our photos and enjoying them.
    We will be covering the Blue Ridge Chapter event near Camp Lejeune, NC April 8 & 9. It’s a show for the Mariines and their families. There are a lot of great events planned for them. They expect 2,000 people to come to the event. What a way to promote the woodies for everyone to see and enjoy.
    Thank you for your support. You can e-mail us with any questions or comments you may have.
    Bob and Linda Miracle
    Miracle Photography

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