The Big Mahogany Outfitters Auction Is This Weekend. Going? Going?

Very cool Wood Boat Stuff

Are you set to go to an auction in the past? What? Well, it looks like you will be traveling back in time. Maybe they will take 1950’s money for stuff. You can always try? I bid 25 cents for that young man! Now, I am not sure how well that will work, since it is 2018.. Yes.. 2018… As in 68 years beyond 1950. Good god, where has the time gone? Maybe if you buy some of this stuff you can put it up around your house and just live in your bubble.

A cigarette machine? Who doesnt want one of these?.. and pump gas?

Thats good if you are a Sinclair station


Oh, trust me, it works. Our home in Reedville is like that. I drive a 1958 Truck, 1948 boat, and live in a 1925 house, and my bride the boatress is still 25. She tells me that, and I believe her… Because she swears I am still 15!

Tow trucks?

Here is more info on the big auction if you choose to live in 2018 and see all this on a website. What? Hey, even the Amish have websites. Its all the rage in this century. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO! This is the gas day and this link is for the boat stuff. Its two days!

Be the only one on your water way with a lime mettle flake green jet ski?

One of those square bow Century’s.. I love these

So are you going? Going?

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  1. Dennis Hansen
    Dennis Hansen says:

    Viewed the collections on two occasions in the last couple of years. It certainly is a one of a kind collection.

  2. Kentucky Wonder
    Kentucky Wonder says:

    I stopped in last fall, hoping to get a look around the place, but it was closed that day. It has been housed in an old car dealership building that I remember visiting with my grandfather 40 years ago. Grandpa lived about 10 miles away, and always got his cars and trucks there. That would include the ’65 Galaxie 500 my grandma drove, and the ’78 F-150 that we used to haul the travel trailer up to Drummond Island every summer. (Drummond is just past Hessel in the U.P.)

    If we weren’t in Hartwell this weekend, I’d have made the trip up to Cassopolis to check out the auction!

  3. Dennis J Mykols
    Dennis J Mykols says:

    Ronnie said I could go, only if I gave her my wallet! She knows how carried away I get when all that memorabilia is available! The 50’s Dinner is the place packed with cool pictures and stuff on the walls.
    I will be there on Saturday and hope to have some fun, it will be sad tho to see this one of a kind of place be gone.
    But I know what comes next and Roger will not disappoint.

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