The Calm Before The Storm

Early AM

What a difference a couple hrs make

Today has been spent running back and forth to the boat ramp and tucking away the fleet. The only poor vessel left out there is Sweet Pea who has weathered many a storm. The good news, if there is such a thing in situations like this is we are supposed to just get a ton of rain. Where as our pals down in the Carolina’s are gonna get smacked. But they are very familiar with all this. And the fact that they have the best BBQ in the world, I suppose the drama of a hurricane is part of the flavor. Thanks for all the kind words. At this point I have mixed feelings.

Stinky started right up and headed to the ramp.

WECATCHEM in her safe spot. Cover going on tonight. Its still a bit wet

I am ready and had to not go to an event I looked forward to for a YEAR! So bring it on. But if its a nice weekend. WTF! Looser on both ends. Like being in a traffic jam only to find its a car with a flat tire. I want to see cars up in trees at that point. Just kidding BTW. But deep down you can relate. Or not and I am just a sick bastard who deserves not to go.

Sweet Pea in her pod! This morning

Pop’s mathews Martinique out of the boat house to ride out the surge

The barn this morning.

nature just doesn’t care!

Woody Boater War Room! We will be reporting as long as the fuel keeps the generator going and web is working

Secretly looking forward to some dramatic photos at this point.

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    My BBQ beats anything in the Carolinas 🙂

    It’s good to have Sweet Pea there. If you get too much rain you and the dogs can go on the boat and wait for the floor to recede like Noah did.

  2. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Just share with me your logic of putting your most expensive boat out under a flimsy open shelter and the plastic whaler in the secure dry barn?

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    I know. HA. So here was the logic. The lean too to build the same as the barn. Actually tied into the roofline. The other thing is the sportsman takes up two boats of space. So this way I can put three 17 foot boats and a 1958 Chevy pickup IN the barn and have the Sportsman , under a roof, and will have a cover on her. She is also sitting on moist/wet gravel. Not that that counts worth a crap. Normally, The Plastic boat is under the lean to over the winter, and Stinky is in my Apartment, and Buttercup and WECATCHEM in the barn. But its a never ending battle for the car space for “her” the other woman!

  4. Maury Debell
    Maury Debell says:

    That video of that guy is the street with a flag, looks like he’s shouting “Bring it On”. Although a hurricane not a laughing matter, but that was funny.

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