The Chosen One. Ish

#4 And Maynard Bray White

This weekend despite the good weather I spent most of the day sanding, and painting Sweet Pea. Well. I thought picking a color would be easy. But one persons version of Sea Foam is completely different than another’s. Especially when it’s your wife’s. This is like that purple or gold dress thing.

This is after choosing a color mind you. GOD BLESS KIRBY PAINTS

So I just kept ordering paint until it matched what she thought seafoam is. And yes.. There are swatches, but nothing works that easily when it comes to real life. And these colors completely change in relation to the other colors around them.

#3 Perfect… I thought.

Old Poo hat!

Years of color theory and 35 years of being a designer, were no help when it comes to “her” boat. So after getting one coat of a close sea foam. And warmer white. Done…. SKREECH.. To dark, too yellow.

Too green and dark, white too yellow

#4 and Bray white

So here it is. We gave up on names about ten shades ago, and now just refereed to as #4

Please, I want to just varnish!

Number 4

Blue sky Green water, Seafoam boat cabin

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Maybe she was just keeping you out of her hair. “No honey stay out there and repaint it again.”

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    Good thing you didn’t pick #2 – that looked like sh..

    It is a nice color but doesn’t pop. You may be at it again.

  3. Craig A. McIntosh
    Craig A. McIntosh says:

    hartwell show in georgia was great!
    nice weather, very nice boats and the best people.
    i thought it was cool having all the young kids paint on an old wood boat hull – fun stuff

  4. RIchard Marcoux
    RIchard Marcoux says:

    so when the boat is finished, you could polish the piling tops, and varnish the pilings, would make #4pop

  5. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Depending on my monitor, #4 looks like a daphne blue with a touch of seafoam, more blue, or more green. Then I made the mistake of checking with my sunglasses on and it hit me!

    Why repaint the entire boat? Just adjust the tint on the Boatresses glasses until she likes the color! Too green? Here, try these glasses. Too blue now? How about these?

    P.s. I live the idea of varnished pylons! I would skip the decking though as it might get slick in rain…does it ever rain in Reedville?

  6. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    You’re going to have to change the name from Sweet Pea to Sweet Foam or Sea Foam, or better yet Beer Foam.

  7. Alan Campbell
    Alan Campbell says:

    Please consider Hâteras white, Hull and cabin, varnished teak (7 coats) and Navy blue waterline stripe. It’s a trawler. Dignified


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