They Are Waiting For Irma In Sunny/Cloudy/Windyland!

Wilson is ready, tha’ts right, limber up Wilson! Right on the gulf, now Gulp of Mexico near Tallahassee!

We are getting reports in from our pals in the Sunnyland Chapter and home to the Lake Dora event in March. They are hunkered down and ready to have a glass of vino with Irma. Even though that bitch aint invited to the party. but when she comes Pete, and Wilson are ready. Yikes. Sorry Mr Konick, but the biggest balls winner this year is for Pete and Wilson! Here is  Pete’s Report

Pets ready. Yikes

We all have had fair warning of this massive storm. Gas and water have been in shortage all week and storm shelters are full to capacity here. Building supply stores shutdown early yesterday most sold out of all hurricane related supplies.

What could go wrong?

I hung my glass boat in the hanger, it just so happens it is called a “Hurricane” the Capri is all tucked away in the shop covered up. Looks like some heavy wind and rain bands starting to come in and the bad stuff will hit us later today. It will last till tomorrow early morning here in Central Florida.

Map of Lake Dora and a lotta red coming. PLease just go around the Palm gardens. PLEASE

I don’t have time to keep up with Facebook so all you will get from me is a text or email.  I will try and send a few photos and text along the way while I have power and the generator is up and running. We all take this storm very serious but after two days of heavy prep work we broke out the final necessary supplies needed for the storm and then built the dog bathroom. If you have ever been through one of these storms the last thing you want to do is take the dog out.

When the pooch has gotta go? Petes ready

We all appreciate your thoughts.


The wine for those of you that Wilson is having is part of his wifes family business HERE


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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    Paul his headed down there to also report whats going on. He has a home under construction on lake Dora. He can bring Pete some more. Paul will be in Knoxville tonight

  2. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    White caps on the lake behind our house…Winds at 50 MPH, gusting higher…Storm here earlier than expected so it will start to calm down in a few hours. Folks in Jacksonville like Guy Marvin, Gerald Dake, Bill Hancock, cousin Allen Wright and others there getting hit worse than we are. Mayor says stay inside…Duh !

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