They’re Electric Woody Boating In Switzerland!


Universal love!

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Hans U. Gautschi from Switzerland for sending us in pics of his restored 1950 Müller-Herzog mahogany boat with electric 2kW drive. Electric Woody Boating is a very cool option for those that live on smaller lakes that only allow Electric power. It’s great to meet other Woody Boaters around the globe! Thanks Hans!


Stunning countryside


Zoom zoom – ish

That trusty motor is a Autrian Aquamot A20; 2 kW 24 altenate current, 24V= LiFe battery with converter (high efficiency); Capacity: 108 Ah


That canopy is growing on me.

Boat was wreckage and at least 2 square meters of mahogany (Sipo) planks at the bottom had to be replaced during restoration.
She is  completely covered in multiple layers of sea grade epoxy and then outside cleasr polyurethane paint for UF protection. Inside 2-k PPG paint. Underwater has been covered with 2 layers fiberglass (woven) and 2-k copper anti-fouling.


Dock shots are also universal! And Blue tarps!


I bet this is his happy place! We all share that Hans


Ok, maybe it’s the entire families happy place. WOW, look at those mountains. Now, we will add, that it’s also universal to take pictures of your boat while your wife and kids humor you and just put up with your Varnish infection. “Come on Hans, stop with the camera, can we just go boating, Flick that switch and lets go Hans”…



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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    GREAT boat! Thanks for sharing it Hans.

    I like the fact that she has oar locks just in case you are not watching the battery charge close enough. (I guess it is not that different than watching the gas gauge.)

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Tow it with your Tesla and just plug them both in at night. The canopy is great since it’s a leisurely trip. Have fun Hand.

  3. Hans U. Gautschi
    Hans U. Gautschi says:

    Hi fellow woodyboaters,
    Thanks for your nice coments and Matt for publishing my boat pictures! I appreciate very much and like your website!
    This is our first season with this boat – we have lots of fun, my love Therese and me!
    Will next try and see if we can surround the lake Hallwil with one battery chatge.
    Wood protecrion is several coatsich of SP320 epoxy and several coats of International polurethane 2K clear paint.
    Please keep on publishing nice antic wooden boats, thank you and greetings from Switzerland.

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