Timeless Distress Signals

We all know the “Wave” is a timeless signal of joy and but did you also know that waving both arms setting of flairs is also a timeless gesture? now just in case you think our app has replaced such things, we have here a timeless poster to remind you. How about the general rules of the “road” Well, that also is timelsss.

I will say, I am always a tad confused when it comes to over passing other boats. Of course this will never be a problem with the new Trawler. I have yet to hear anyone out there blasting any horns when passing.

The timeless wave

Darla just raise your hand.. And poof an iconic timeless image is taken

Larry’s wave lives on!

Fancy wave!

The Subliminal wave!

Just 48-ish days!

The I have no idea who I am waving too wave!

The Classic on film wave – From The Irwin Files film

Okay, I am stuck in a wave loop here.. I even forgot what the original story idea was? Ahhh hell its Saturday, so who cares. Oh, yeah, timeless navigation posters.


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    • Mark
      Mark says:

      As much as Rocket Man likes rockets I am not sure that lighting a rocket on a wooden boat is such a great idea.

      Probably wouldn’t be taken seriously with all the personal fireworks either.

  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    And then there is THE BIG WAVE that may put you into a situation where you need to use the distressed wave.

    Don’t forget to wave something ORANGE!

  2. Sean
    Sean says:

    There’s also the old C.Q.D call (Come Quick Distress) that was replaced by S.O.S call.

    As far rules of navigation, as sea cadets we learned some rhymes…

    Green to green, red to red, perfect safety, go ahead.

    When both lights you see ahead, starboard turn and show your red.

    If to your starboard red appears, tis your duty to keep clear.
    To act as judgement says is proper, to port or starboard, back or stop her.

    Then of course there’s the most popular rhyme…

    When in danger or, in doubt, wave and shout and run about!

  3. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    I’m always amazed (but not surprised) when I read about the boating accidents that occur when the skipper is trying to set up verify or understand what is happening on the GPS or radar. There is no aid to navigation more important than observation, awareness and common sense…

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