Tonka Day Inspired Us To ROAD TRIP!

The perfection Of Katzs Marina

Yesterday we featured some cool Tonka trucks. And a Road trip from the Kitchen to the Living room. Well, as I was writing the story I got a call for a Hail Mary spontaneous road trip.

Sunrise in PA with real actual size Tonkas!

mmmm Flapjacks

4AM drive to Katzs Marina and VanNess Engineering to get Jimmys 430 ready for summer and to visit Scarlet who was just flipped. We also took the opportunity to have the W tuned up for the summer as well. Woohooo! ROAD TRIP!

Scarlet and her new 5200 bottom. Done fast and perfect

Some of the magic in the rooms

That Katzs Finish

Beautiful lettering by Alan Johnson

Details is where the gods live!

Jara who manages the Marina office working with a client on the phone

Alan who helping get the beast in the belly to transport to VanNess to be tuned up. Alan is the best!

Then off to VanNess which is about 45 minutes away.

VanNess has very rare and hard to find parts like these NOS W Engine Bearings

And of course, why we came. TO start up and test the 430 Lincoln Engine. Jimmy had replaced a head and manafolds. Dave was checking out the cooling system and making sure she is also ready for summer. Turns out she needed two new impellers. Good thing we did this. And yes, Impellers should be replaced yearly.

And then back home.

Lots of nice engines around. This set of K’s are looking fantastic

All in all a great day with some pals, and getting stuff all tuned up for the Summer. Thanks to Alan and Jara at Katzs, and the VanNess team for a great day! The 430 is going to Katzs to be installed into Scarlet.

Headed home. Back with the Tonkas! Yes, thats a Post War blue sky!


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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    That looks more like a prewar blue sky although my screen is still in night shift mode.

    Did you pick up any real bagels while in Jersey? A New Jersey bagel piled high with lox is almost good enough to skip the bacon for a day.

  2. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    I realize a five thousand two hundred bottom is the way to go, but since reading your blog I haven’t had a blow by blow explanation of the process. Does the name come from how many steps are involved or how much it costs?
    Can you point me to a previous episode where you’ve dealt with this topic?

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      The complete details fill a pair of books by Danenberg, but basically it is a two layer wood bottom like a traditional CC, except the wood is treated with CPES and there is a layer of 3m 5200 between the two wood layers. The 5200 acts as an (additional) adhesive and as a water barrier, but it also remains somewhat flexible. The CPES strengthens the wood and slows/reduces rot and swelling.

  3. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    So the impellers must have been replaced after the video. That 430 looks so much wider than a 283 block with manifolds. Wonder how much wider or is that just optical illusion.

    Looks like Jara has a sweet looking racing runabout? I need a job there but I wouldn’t live long enough to do the payback in working hours.

  4. Ron in PNW
    Ron in PNW says:

    Cameron, as an ACBS member you can see one of the over 100 videos of how to do the 5200 bottom.

  5. Ron in PNW
    Ron in PNW says:

    As an ACBS member you can see the video of how to do the 5200 bottom and over 100 more instructional videos.

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