Update And List Of Lost Boats – Antique Boat Shop Fire, And A Truly Inspiring Idea To Help

Got a U22 you want to donate?

We just got an update from Fellow Woody boater Jeff Funk who sent us this wonderful note below. We had a fantastic comment from Fellow Woody Boater Don Hardy from McCall Boat Works in Idaho, who offered up some grey boats to replace the boats lost so customers could rebuild. We could not think of a better way to help if the owners want that. Money and insurance can replace all the wood and sweat, but not the boat. Below is the list of lost boats. If you have a good starter to help, here is your chance to help and show the planet how we all come together as a community!

1963 26’ Century Raven
1932 20’ CC Triple
1967 18’ Century Arabian
1947 17’ CC Deluxe R/A
1957 17’ CC Custom Sportsman
1948 22’ CC U22 (Sportsman)
1980 18’ Century Resorter (Fiberglass)
1955 14’ Wolverine O/B


We have two buildings, and fortunately many (10) collectible boats were over there…plus my two Coronados.  It could have been much worse. The Raven was the only one that was nearly finished (over 750 hours in that one). The others were in all stages from bottom work to varnish. You can’t believe how understanding the owners have been. Without exception they have all been a lot more concerned with how we’re doing emotionally and what our plans are for the future. All are insisting we rebuild to become even bigger and better. They realize in the end it’s just ‘stuff’, and not human life. Again, it says a lot for the caliber of people involved in this hobby we all love. The thought folks out there may be willing to part with boats is very generous…and helpful. Not sure how the owners will react, but I have a feeling most will be positive and accept the generosity if possible.

Take care, and good idea…


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  1. Kentucky Wonder
    Kentucky Wonder says:

    This could also be a time when folks that have boats in better than “grey” condition, but still need a lot of help, to part ways at a reasonable cost. Everybody wins: The seller gets a little something for their boat, Antique Boat Shop gets new work to continue, and the “lost boat” owners get another classic to watch over and pass on to a future generation.

    There is nothing better than Hope to stimulate the desire to rebuild and renew, both the boats and the souls of those caring for them.

  2. Donald R. Hardy
    Donald R. Hardy says:

    We can donate a 1951 U-22 and a 1947 17′ deluxe for free if it helps. They are grey and have the hull cards. I can round up some hardware if the original’s melted down from the fire. Lots of motor’s available for free also.

  3. thomas d
    thomas d says:

    everyone must be in shock, I was, this is the least comments I’ve ever seen. I hope the shop has insurance. that triple will be hard to replace. good luck.

  4. Matt
    Matt says:

    I think the low comments are because in the earlier story and on Facebook the comments are way over the top. The good news is how quickly we as a community come together. Don, you are the man, and hopefully in a short time, Jeff and his business will be up and running.

  5. Dennis J Mykols
    Dennis J Mykols says:

    Don, Jeff, I would be interested to volunteer to drive out to McCalls to pick up one of the boats. I could use my 22 foot Coronado trailer, which is empty till mid May.
    Keep me in the loop , as to when Jeff is ready to bring back any of the boats. I am sure we can find local storage places now, even if your new building is not ready.

  6. Ace Hassen
    Ace Hassen says:

    Hi I just happen to have a 1940 cedar strip wagemaker I could part with just let me know this would be of any help

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