Warm Thoughts – Just 99ish Days Until Lake Dora

Ahhhhhhh – Lake Dora

We have officially started the countdown to Lake Dora. Hey, if they can start talking about Christmas Sales in October we can start talking…and dreaming about Lake Dora now. And it couldn’t come any sooner. Good lord have you been outside? No not you gloaters in Florida.You can just smile and enjoy the warmth, this is your time of year for sure.

Sunglasses in case you forgot. They are used when the sun is out.

So today in celebration of the official countdown. Warm thoughts. And photos. Just rub your hands together and warm them up to the glow of your screen.. Sorry, we are still working on a heat blaster feature on Woody Boater to heat up your room. mmmmmmmmm Bacon


I miss bugs!

Waem sunshine mornings

Morning boatrides

Morning wipedowns

Just hanging out and sweating..

Warm smiles

Just bask in the glow


The sound of a small outboard.

More basking

The warmth of Lake Dora

So check your calendars! March 19th is just around the corner. Just 12 ish weeks. Or if you milk it right, 10ish, or maybe just go down for the Holidatys and stay!

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  1. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Really Matt, Barbra Streisand on WB. You do need Dora. Maybe a virtual New Years parity would help.

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