Warning, South Carolina Infested With Speed Traps!


 This is not a dramatic exaggeration, we have seen about 25 or more speed traps on I-95 in South Carolina. Using every trick in the book. So be safe, be careful, and be alert in South Carolina.  



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    • Kentucky Wonder
      Kentucky Wonder says:

      Fire up some Atlanta Rhythm Section while passing through. “Spooky,” “So Into You” and “Imaginary Lover” were all great songs.

      If you are not towing a trailer, stop off at the Varsity, right across the highway from Georgia Tech. Must have ordered hundreds of Orange Freezes and Onion Rings during my years there. Good Times!!!

  1. Adele
    Adele says:

    Colleton county, main employer is speed traps and the jail that sits just over the hill at exit 21. Watch out for the RV under the bridge!

  2. Mr Safety
    Mr Safety says:

    Seriously what’s the speed limit on I-95 in SC?

    Seems to me that its 70 MPH why the heck would you want to be going faster than 70 with your pride and joy trailing behind you… take it easy out there man.

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