We are here and it’s going to cost me big time!

Oh god! The boats are amazing. The flea market is the biggest and best I have seen.. Oh god I am so screwed!!!





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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Call me if you need a place to keep your boat purchases while you shuttle them home. I have a field and a test run lake a couple hours south.

  2. SS Dave Pickard
    SS Dave Pickard says:

    Any thoughts on what the CC cruiser will go for? I want to hear that it’s out of my range, since I’m not there!

  3. Michael Forshaw
    Michael Forshaw says:

    This is an unbelievable opportunity for someone to steal this boat….$130K resto job…I believe it will be sold for under $35K. Just a guess….but if you’ve ever wanted a boat like this…you’d be nuts not to at least bid up to your budget…you never know!!!

  4. Mark Krzyzanowski
    Mark Krzyzanowski says:

    What a beautiful boat! Ken did a gorgeous job on the restoration – we’re really excited to see someone go him with it!!

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