We Were Sailing Along, On Moonlight Bay…. We Could Hear The Secondaries Open….


Ok we were not sailing.. Actually we were on an amazing Riva that the Hamster brought by Martys house on the lake to have some Carbs looked at. And who better that the Riva guru himself and Herb Hall from Sierra Boat Works..

Dang! Let’s get those twin 350s cookn..here is Alan the riva guru manually operating the secondaries.. He was in heaven, hell, we all were…

Paul had Karen with on this moonlight cruise as pictured on top.. Alan and hamster had a faulty carb to love.. And I had Texx … Oh boy..

Ha. To many reporters on one boat.. What a fun moment out on the lake..


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  1. Texx
    Texx says:

    That was one awesome moonlight boat ride on Lake Tahoe, the summer breeze, the whole deal was great! We would like to thank the following people for making this possible…

    – The Hamster (this dude can drive a boat…)
    – Herb Hall for the hospitality
    – Marty Felletto for the invitation to his lake house
    – Alan Weinstein, Riva Guru for nursing those Q-Jet carbs.
    – Carlo Riva for designing a truly stunning boat…
    – The Man on the Moon for turning on the lights…

  2. Woody
    Woody says:

    What a fun night. Marty was very generous host.. All the A listers were there.. Ok.. Wait. Since we were there it couldnt have been an A lister party.. The real A lister fancy pants party was someplace else.. Just we did not even know about it..that’s how A listers do it. So maybe we all were b listers thinking that we were A listers…maybe ., dear god there was provenly a b listers party that we did not know about and.. We are c listers…. Ahhhh Who cares all the fun people were there for sure..

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Quadrajet carbs? With a problem? Gee now there’s a shocker! And with two in that Riva, you might as well dedicate a seat to your engine doctor ‘cus your going to be seeing him on a regular basis.

    I am sure there is probably a good place for a marine Q-jet, but I am even more certain it is not sitting on top of an otherwise working engine.

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