What Time Is It? It Doesn’t Matter Here.


Surround yourself in timeless

Over the years I have loved playing with the notion of stopping time, or even better, ignoring the concept of time. I mean time is time, but the change of time can be fun to experience. If you surround yourself with timeless emotions and things, doesn’t time really cease to be needed anymore. Okay okay, I am aging, but thats not time.

If I could make the universe BW for a moment

I have spent my life on deadlines and cramming 5 notebooks of research into 30 seconds. And earning a living on time. As in my brain is for sale by the hr. There is never enough time to be with loved ones, and never enough time to just sit and waste it.

Its fun to play with it all.

So going out on your timeless boat, in an area that is timeless, with friends that are also there through time, is a perfect time to appreciate that moment in time where you know there is no other place…or time in the universe that you would rather be stuck in.

Been there done that, and love doing it over and over

Get out there today, make the time, and know that an hr on your boat with your loves, is the best time to add some time to your life. Happy Saturday. Today is Saturday? 1949?

A great name

The Old Club. Just a tweak of BW and bam its 1950

Working on your boat can be a timeless moment. Good and bad. After all an inch in 2022 is the exact same as an inch in 1922.

Old cameras can be fun to play with. Pentax camera on real film, shot last year..or was it?

Shot this yesterday when Jimmy came by in his 1929 Murray Body Model A with Tara. One of the great joys in the area is the old power lines. Reedville was one of the earliest areas on the Chesapeake Bay to get electric power because of all the factories. The power poles are part of the texture of time here.

Mr B is an old wise soul. Okay, wise and completely nuts.

Heck if you want you can even make up a history about the time. For those that never read the unbelievable history of Stinky, CLICK HERE

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    • John Baas
      John Baas says:

      Ahhh, you brought back the memory of the “time’ I had drinks with Buffalo Bob Smith. He had a CC and water. Good “times”.

  1. Bob Kays
    Bob Kays says:

    Waking up on a very chilly island this morning where time stands still, thankfully. As does the view.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    So, I clicked the link to the Stinky story, scrolled down and sure enough I commented. I guess I did read that story after all.

    Time seems to steal our memory sometime.

    Is it TIME to bring back Sausage Girl?

  3. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    Since I turned the Beatles song this week, looking back (and forward for that matter), enough time to do it all and get it all done has become an exercise in futility.
    Saturday and Sunday are just another day in the week as I race to my sell-by date to that final dirt nap.
    So, with all the cliches out of the way now, I figure it’s time to rock on and be sure to live long enough to be a real problem to my children so they have to bail me out for bad behavior. I’m sure my headstone’s going to read: “Well, that sure as hell didn’t turn out the way I planned it!”
    I can still fix and build Murdock products we built a hundred-plus years ago and rebuild/repair the wooden boats my family has loved for the same length of time in a marina that will be eighty-five years old next year.
    So, to all of us, keep on keepin’ on, love your family, listen to good music, eat well, put the top down, go for a boat ride and never stop until the Big Guy pulls the plug.
    Time? Like the great George Burns once said: “Young. Old. Just words.”

    • Floydrturbo
      Floydrturbo says:

      So that’s why in the upper Midwest they called a water fountain a bubbler I take it. Regarding time, Well said Murdock. Now into my 70’s and working what seems to be more than ever, I’m gonna have to reassess the situation before it’s too late to have any time left to enjoy it.

  4. ross
    ross says:

    Does time exist?
    Is time an illusion?
    What causes time to exist?
    Is time multi directional?

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