Why Are The Posting All So Screwed Up?

Sorry we are having strange internet issues and I am posting when I have small windows of internet. Oh the havoc a router can make. We also are planning to do the destination tomorrow, so I could get the sale of Sylvia up. Once I made the choice to let her go, I needed to act then or I would have talked myself out of it. I have gotten some great emails regarding her and some interest already. To clarify some things. She was restored as a very nice user/show boat. I planed on using her more and less show. Things like the 5200 bottom and sunbrella on the insides of the seat rather than denim and a 12 volt system are for the user in me, while they are all cleverly hidden so she can still win a show. That way its fun to use. Hope that helps.

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  1. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    Actually she was in incredible condition. She had been restored in the 70’s at Streblow boats. As documented in Speltz’s volume 1 under streblow boats, her orig name is Wanitta II You can see her photo, her enginge was never done so fresh from the restorer she was put in a barn til 2005. Ubtouched. We used her for one summer, LOVED her and decided she needed a bottom. The boat was so true that she was used as a template for a Tahoe show winner. After that it kinda got out of hand. Well if the bottom is perfect, new frames… Well the covering boards needed help, she had fishing pole holders in her, and the deck wood would not match, so those needed to be new… 130K later.. she is amazing. I just got word last night that the interior is done and in the mail. So hopefully I can use her for some time before she is sold. Actually that is a good thing. Working the bugs out would make me feel better about the whole thing. That way her new owner doesnt have to play guessing games.

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