Wicker Chairs A Classic Boat “Thing”


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If you are just tuning in today, you will see a story yesterday as breaking news regarding an original set of Wicker-Kraft chairs on ebay. If not, thats okay Here is the link again. YOU CAN SEE IT HERE ON EBAY! CLICK CLICK CLICK!

These are WECATCHEM’s set. Note the back area is a different design

These are the set on ebay today. Note the back and the seat area. Are these an older design?

Anyway, you may be wondering why these are so special. They are rare! And useful. In the mid 1980’s someone even had some made as replicas. Those are the ones we have we call the Wicker Sisters we think. We were thrilled to find them, and use them lovingly. Thanks Mr Weaver. NOS and never used.

Note the leather strap. This is for holding a life jacket

An original ad. Also a more open back. Which I like

But these on ebay are older ones I think. And they are wonderful. You really only need two, and in this case there are three. So you can have that repaired, or stick in out in your yard on cinder blocks and slowly strip it for parts. AHHHHHHHH, I am just kidding.

They are perfect for boats. Bob Weavers basement.. Ya. Jaw meet floor stuff.

So the starting bid is $1,000 and at first one may think, WTF! For some old chairs. Well. A set of two sold for 1,600 last year. And if I didn’t already have a set, this seems like a fair price for all parties. Lets put it this way. Got another set out there to compare it with? Amazon isnt selling sets made in China for $5. These are art. Pure art that you can literally sit on as they appreciate in value. Just try and stay clear of the Bureto bomb specials.. These were designed for people pre McDonalds and Big Gulps.

Wicker-Kraft made several designs for boats, yachts, etc


Bob Kays as reference for size. Bob is healthy and not a Big Gulp kinda guy.

They fit the Boatress and crew perfectly.

Not sure how I have this photo, possibly in the comment section. But these are wider and the more square shape is really nice for fit on the boat.

They fit perfectly with a small bit of room for stuff – Pre War Sportsman 25

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