Woody Boater Exclusive Sale! Save $12,000 And A Sore Thumb!

We are going to try something new here at Woody Boater. We’re not in the business of selling boats, and that is still the case. Even when we give T-shirts, we give them, not sell them. Am I going to go broke doing this. Yes! But not as fast as I would if I restore another barrel back…Ouch!
So here’s the deal. Fellow Woody Boater Warren…. Bought this boat on eBay trying to do the right thing help some trust or something… The bidding never climbed and Warren wound up with it. As you may have seen in a previous story on Woody Boater. Anyway…It was built by Hagerty Insurance as a project to teach there staff about classic boats. It’s perfect… It’s a James Craft Kit Boat. A Zephyr 14 Model. It’s completely done, new rebuilt Johnson 18, new trailer. All the goodies. Never been in the water.

These boats sell for $4,800.. That’s the kit, UN BUILT. Add the new trailer $1,000, The motor $1,500 and you come to $7000 for just parts. NO LABOR..
Woody Boater Warren had to ship it from Wisconsin and wrangle some stuff. And now here it sits, in Richmond VA….He does not want it, need it.. or have any space for it. Warren has over 20 boats. So here’s the offer…… $8300 bucks. No profit. No eBay battles. No waiting. No all winter long in the garage construction of a kit boat. You can check out the real pricing at JamesCraftBoats.com…$19,325 for this boat WITHOUT THE MOTOR OR TRAILER. Father and son projects always turn into fights anyway. So save your self from being on an episode of Cops, and make the family happy. And save $12,000 …. Just think of all the other boats you can buy with the savings… You can contact Warren at bullishwr@comcast.net

If you are interested, email him, or me. Comment .. something soon. This is an offer to Woody Boaters only. After this, it’s eBay…As I said, We are making nothing. Just want to help.
UPDATE. CRICKETS! It’s headed for eBay….

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Matt: I hope all is well but in your woody blog you mention that father
    son boat building all ways turns into fights. Not true, boat building is
    the best and most relaxing thing a family can do together. That being said
    the real selling point would be that for those who do not want to build
    their own this boat would be a great way to get started in Antique and
    Classic Boating at a very low entry level price. All the best from Coeur d,
    Alene. Jim

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