You Are Never Alone, In Woodyboaterville.

It’s been a week since we launched the all New Woody Boater site, and I have mixed emotions. We did this in a different way then most designs we do where I work. This one we built for you, with you, the Boatheads. Even the art above from fellow Woody Boater Larry Steinrock… So as the comments have been coming in we have taken them to heart, and changed.. The big one elephant in the boat house was the live feed. With 90 votes it was staying at a two to one ratio and growing. 66 to 27. So its gone.. A funny thing though for us here was not the creepy factor.. And yes it was creepy.. But amazingly – with over 2,500 impressions a day in some cases.. It was always changing and from all over the world… jesus I got scared… .. But it was not about classic boats. It was about traffic… More for a tech head than a boat head thing.  I got a comment last night around 3AM from fellow Woody Boater Phil saying the same exact words I was thinking. Phil and I share the same profession. Across the planet.. And yet, the same thought. It was getting way to confusing.. To much content.. To much stuff…. To quote Phil “Matt the site is trying to cram way to much onto the page and it’s become as complicated as Chinese arithmetic.”  For the record. Captain Grumpy started  it.. by the way…

What is Woody Boater, has been tested with this new design? That is what I have been agonizing over.. As one of my former bosses Jay Chiat said once. How big can we get without getting bad.. God, that is my greatest fear.. As Phil said.”like a chat down at the boat shed among the wood shavings and Old Salem hard racing copper.” That line sums it all up, that’s the truth and who we are. That’s who we all are, and hopefully this is that place.. Were you can sit down, have a cold one, eat with varnish on your hands and just have fun..  So in the up coming weeks, I will be noodling, and adapting to what feels right, I need your comments, your support, and stories.. because… you are in fact Woody Boater.. Thanks for reading and allowing us to grow without sucking… For the record.. the bad spelling.. that aint changing.. Thats hard wired in…

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  1. anonymus
    anonymus says:

    Right On WoodyBoater and Phil NZ. Just a place to stop by, say something stupid in the hopes of sharing some laughter during those times you are not in your boat and wishing you were. Plus a chance see all those beautiful hulls. Thanks for the continuing effort.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    A thumbs up Matt for being able to hear the criticism about your newborn without getting mad or taking offense. We all can appreciate the effort and labor pains that went into the new format, and to not get angry and be willing to make adjustments is commendable. Anonymous above stated it well.

  3. John
    John says:


    I think Jay also said, “If you’re not here (in the office) on Saturday, then don’t even bother showing up on Sunday.” Thanks for keeping The Woody Boater rolling 365 days/year!

  4. Woody
    Woody says:

    Holy crap! He sure did. And I was there on the weekends like I was here yesturday agonizing over this. Ha we also got tooth brushes with chiat day on them.. I loved it there

  5. John
    John says:

    I was living the C/D dream in the Venice office. I prefer the aroma of varnish to that of Venice Beach (and the homeless).

  6. matt
    matt says:

    I was in the SF office during the Apple and California Cooler days..Oh the 80’s.. We had homeless folks as well.. The work ethic is what has stuck with me.

  7. Allen Willey
    Allen Willey says:

    Matt as we say in the auto world…..K.I.S.S. always works best……most people just want to click and read this and smile and get their recharge for the day……have an archives is good tho……for the late joiners or research. Keep it fun….even the ACBS sometimes forgets it has to be fun….its a hobby not a business…….just information sharing and smiles……my two cents.


  8. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    I just left a comment on yesterday’s post that offers some of my thoughts on the recent changes. Rather than repeating it all here, use one of the “great features” of this new site to read it. One click on it brings the story and its comments up. I like the improvements! To simplify too much would be to digress.


  9. James
    James says:

    Wow…all the CD peeps here…it’s like deja vu all over again…. from both the agency & the client-side; RMK, Apple, then Porsche. Must be that saturday/sunday thing that still enables us to work all day, then work all night too!

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